6 Ways to Manage Chronic Knee Pain


Knee pain is one of the most common types of chronic pain. Studies show that one in five Americans struggle to live with knee pain daily. You can try to calm down the pain by using the RICE recipe: rest, ice, compression and elevation, but when this fails your active lifestyle is in danger. But every problem has a solution, so here are more ways to fight chronic knee pain.


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so when everything else fails, exercise to get rid of knee pain. According to Dr. Reyfman, pain management doctor, the stronger your muscles and joints are, the less painful your movements will become. Exercising improves your mobility and helps reduce the swelling, if there is any, so try to exercise. However, not every exercise is the right one. Talk to your fitness trainer and find out which exercises can strengthen your knees. Generally, squats, bridges and weighted squats can soothe a painful knee.


Before you start your day or engage in sports, do some stretching. It will help reduce the pain in your knees and can prevent the post-workout pain. You can mix your stretching exercises with strength exercises to increase your mobility and reduce inflammation.

Give up on foods which promote inflammation

Gluten and animal-based foods can increase and sustain the inflammation process in your body, promoting pain. You can try to remove them from your diet and replace them with vegetables. Aim to eat protein rich veggies, like avocado. Nuts, which contain healthy fatty acids which fight the inflammation process are also great add-ons for your diet. Olive oil, flaxseed and coconut oil are also healthy picks.

Invest in better shoes

Knee pain is made worse by uncomfortable shoes, which force the body to compensate for the lack of balance and support by putting extra pressure on the joints. As one can imagine, high heels and shoes with no heel at all are the worst when it comes to knee pain. Worn-out shoes also increase the pain, so you should invest in a new pair of comfortable shoes. It’s also worth getting a good set of insoles. There are many types out there, from regular insoles providing additional arch support to special insoles for plantar fasciitis, but whichever you choose, they are bound to increase the comfort of your shoes. 

The best shoes are those which follow your foot’s shape and have a flexible sole which provides support and cushioning. When you choose your shoes keep in mind your feet need enough space to move when you are walking.

Adjust your office posture

Again, this might require an investment, but it will be money well spent, as it can reduce your knee pain. When you sit on the chair your knees should be at a 90 degrees angle. A shorter or higher chair is going to force your knees into a strange position, which is going to make your pain worse. Crossing your legs also increases the pain, so avoid this position.

Stay hydrated

Your body needs water and nutrients to function properly, but most of us are dehydrated. Drinking water alone is not going to make your knee pain fade out, but it will definitely help reduce it.

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