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A Diet to Control Hypertension

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9 Sustainable Eating Facts

Why is physical fitness so important?

Drinking Coffee Can Help you Live Longer

Brain Booster Shows Promise

Food Matters

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When it comes to diet, it’s not all about calories

Many people are of the opinion that when dieting for weight loss, it is all about counting calories. If you want to lose weight, you just eat fewer calories or …

Eat with Health in Mind

6 Ways to Save on Organic Food


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Secrets to Healthy Skin

We all want skin that looks and feels healthy; that’s why it’s so important to face problematic skin head-on. If left untreated, wrinkles, acne, liver spots, rosacea, and other conditions …

Organic skin care

Getting Healthy

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A Diet to Control Hypertension

Despite its prevalence, high blood pressure (also known as hypertension, or HTN) is a somewhat mystifying condition. It’s a serious symptom of cardiovascular dysfunction and can be the smoking gun …