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Love Smoothies? Here’s a Healthy Guide to Satisfy Your Cravings

Everybody loves a good smoothie. Smoothies are the go-to drink for a quick breakfast, a post-workout meal or if you’re just being healthy. But there’s a fine line between a …

The endless benefits of gardening

Simple stress free recipes


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Ending the Age of Odor Among the Aged

Q&A with Koko Hayashi, Founder & CEO of Mirai Clinical. If nonenal/aging odor does not sound familiar, it smells all too familiar. It is not, alas, unfamiliar to millions of …

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Secrets of shilajit remedies revealed by science

The secret behind the power of shilajit is in its historical origin. Shilajit is an organo-mineral. Long ago, when our continents were drifting, the Himalayas were not the mountains we …


Focus On: Antioxidants