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Holiday baking season is here!

‘Tis the Holiday Baking Season

(Family Features) It is holiday baking season and for many it is one of the best parts of the holidays. Many of us enjoy the aromas and flavors of the …

Why You Should Add Brown Rice to Your Diet

Mini Pumpkin Cakes


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Information about dental bridges

What Are Dental Bridges? A Complete Guide

Research shows that over half of all U.S. adults are embarrassed to do something most people take for granted: smiling. Chances are, you’ve known people who cover their mouths or …

Top 9 Foot Care Tips You Should Follow

Love Your Lips

Getting Healthy

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improving digestive health

Balance Your Digestive System and Brain to Burn Fat

The obesity epidemic currently facing the nation is reaching a critical point. As a result of this escalating obesity rate, chronic disease is rampant—and for the first time in more …

can coffee prevent cognitive issues?

3-5 Cups of Coffee Does THIS to Alzheimer’s

How does inflammation impact health?

Silent Inflammation do you have it?

Have you considered a vegan based diet?

Venturing into Vegan Territory