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Do you eat these raw foods?

9 Foods You Should Never Eat This Way

For anyone consuming a standard American diet that’s heavy on processed meat, dairy and overcooked vegetables, adding the right raw foods can certainly boost your health. Unlike ultra -processed foods …

In Season: Artichokes


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Foods to improve your smile.

Your Smile Will Benefit from These 7 Foods

When thinking about maintaining oral health we all yearn for a winning smile and we know we need to brush and floss, but sometimes fail to see the important connection …

Getting Healthy

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Take Control of Your Bone Health

It is never too early to be concerned about the health of your bones. As a natural function of aging, we undergo a life-long progression of bone-tissue loss. For some, …

The Vitamin You May Be Missing

The importance of vitamin D
New research on infertility released.

Why Infertility Increases with Age

can hand holding alleviate pain?

Holding Hands to Relieve Pain