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six tips to meet your goals

Six Tips to Stay Focused

The benefits of fitness during pregnancy
Can type 2 diabetes be reversed?

Type 2 Diabetes Can be Reversed

The Importance of Sleep

Love achieved when barriers are removed

Are processed foods part of your diet?

Processed food defined.

Food Matters

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Do you eat these raw foods?

9 Foods You Should Never Eat This Way

For anyone consuming a standard American diet that’s heavy on processed meat, dairy and overcooked vegetables, adding the right raw foods can certainly boost your health. Unlike ultra -processed foods …

In Season: Artichokes


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New research on eye color

Eye color genetics not so simple

A person’s eye color results from pigmentation of a structure called the iris, which surrounds the small black hole in the center of the eye (the pupil) and helps control …

Getting Healthy

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can hand holding alleviate pain?

Holding Hands to Relieve Pain

A recent study, by researchers with the University of Colorado Boulder and University of Haifa, found that the more empathy a comforting partner feels for a partner in pain, the …