The Best Exercise You Can Do

Are you looking for an exercise that provides the optimal health benefits? You may be surprised, it’s not aerobics, it’s not high-intensity fitness training. You will be shocked when you learn what exercise provides the Read More

6 Steps to Ward off Heart Disease

By now, it’s hard to imagine anyone arguing against the importance of heart health. But what seems a little fuzzier is how one achieves a healthy heart. While engaging in aspirin therapy or popping statins Read More

Trim Down & Tone Up!

Looking for a new workout that will torch major calories while building muscle? I created the following circuit routine this morning (at 4 a.m.—yep), and I’m still feeling energized and motivated. Try it for yourself Read More

Beyond the Bathroom Scale

For many of us, the number on our bathroom scale makes or breaks our day: joy, if it moves downward a few pounds, and despair if it creeps upward, as we diet, sweat, and stress Read More

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