5 Exercises to Firm Up Your Chest


Do you desire the look of a toned chest? As we age we tend to lose muscle mass in our chest. A few simple exercises can help you tone up and maintain a more youthful appearance. Exercise can easily be done in your home with little special equipment. 

Exercise # 1

This is an easy exercise that requires little set up. It does a good job at firming your chest.

Task: Sit on a chair with your spine against the back of the chair. Place a weight in each hand (start with a 2 pound weight and work your way up), bring your hands to shoulder height, just above the chest. The bends form an angle at 90 °.

Tip: Do not stretch the arms completely to avoid bending your elbows more than necessary.

Frequency: Hold the effort for 5 minutes, doing  three reps. Do this twice daily.

Exercise # 2

Variant of the previous exercise, here is another equally easy to set up.

Task: Sit on a chair, a weight in each hand. The palms of the hands are face to face, elbows bent. Slowly open your arms to the sides, inspiring. Exhale by going down the arms.

Tip: breathe so that you do not contract too much.

Exercise # 3

This exercise is a little more technical, but is very effective. These are bending exercises that you can do whenever you want.

Task: Position yourself facing a wall spreading your feet about the width of your hips. Place palms of hands against the wall placed at shoulder height. Keep your arms stretched and parallel. Start bending the elbows very slowly while flexing without ever lifting your hands off the wall. Hold the position three seconds down and go back up.

Tip: inhale in descending, exhale in ascending to not tense you.

Frequency: Do 10 flexions three times in a row four times a week.

Exercise # 4

Using a weight bench is another way to exercise the muscle in your chest. You can do several variations of a bench press, and you do not need a large number of weights.

Task: Lie on your back on the weight bench. A weight in each hand (start at 5 pounds) extend arms on the chest. Descend them on the side until you get a parallel with the ground.

Tip: Hold a slight curve to facilitate movement.

Frequency: repeat the movement three times in a sets of eight.  A pause of 30 seconds between each set. Increase weight as you master the lighter weight.

Toning your chest can be a simple exercise, try investing some time and see how well you can do.

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