How ECT Works for Severe Depression

Antipsychotics and SSRIs are first-line treatments for minimizing depression symptoms, but they don’t come without adverse side effects. Many of these drugs cause weight gain, low sex drive, nausea, dry mouth, and even insomnia. If Read More

3 Ways to Get Better Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep isn’t a myth, but you have to adopt healthy habits for the Sleeping Beauty Effect to take place. In addition to taking off any cosmetics before bed, it pays to adopt a skin Read More

Back to the Basics

Natural solutions are some of humanity’s most vital solutions. Natural solutions are the answers naturally available to us. The solution responsible for saving millions of lives—life support training—is a teachable and transferable piece of knowledge Read More

Top 5 Benefits of Infrared Sauna

Sauna’s are a great way to relax, but are also a source of controversy, especially infrared saunas. In case you are wondering what an infrared sauna is, it is a sauna room that is heated Read More

10 Food About To Be The Next Big Craze

Every new year that rolls around brings new predictions of food trends that will be popular.  Last year the Whole30 diet, bone broth, and protein powders gained a lot of momentum.  Today you’ll read our Read More

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