Stop Eating Bleached Chinese Garlic and Learn How to Recognize American Garlic


When it comes to garlic, you need to get to know with several facts. First, around 80 percent of garlic that is sold around the world comes from no place else but China.

Second, the U.S. in 2014 imported around 138 million pounds of garlic. And final, that trend is growing.

You must think that it is fine since you have probably eaten it by now. But that is not the case, in fact, the garlic that is imported from China is heavily bleached and has a lot of harmful pesticides.

It is about time that you become aware of the things that you consume.

The Garlic Problem

The majority of people in America think that the garlic actually comes from California. That was the case, yes, but that was before.

In fact, Gilroy in California proclaimed itself as the garlic capital of the world. And this city was the largest supplier.

However, it was outdone by the Chinese cheaper production. It was easier for the U.S. to import it from China because of the price.

This is not the first time China to be in controversy when the topic is food and safety.

Chlorine is used in order to bleach the garlic, and it has a lot of pesticides. In fact, it is grown in sewage water that is untreated, and there are even cases where it is contaminated with lead.

There are natural stains of dirt on the garlic once it is pulled out of its soil and bleaching covers it up.

From the Australian Garlic Industry Association Henry Bell said that because of the bleaching the Chinese garlic stops sprouting, and at the same time it makes it whiter and kills the insects.

However, it is often fumigated with a deadly toxin that is methyl bromide. High doses of this toxin may cause damage to the CNS i.e. central nervous system and to the respiratory system.

The UN notes that this toxin is up to 60 times more harmful and dangerous than the chlorine. Now, we must question ourselves “Is saving couple bucks on imported garlic more important that our overall health?”

3 Ways to Recognize the American Garlic

1. Roots Leftover

The first thing you should know is that China has to follow some import regulations. One of them is that their garlic must be without a root.

Chinese farmers must remove the root in order to prevent some illnesses and soil born diseases from entering the country.

On the other hand, the American farmers do not need to do this.

2. Heavier Weight

The garlic from America has less water than the Chinese garlic. The garlic from America is around 42 percent solid, and the Chinese garlic is around 37 percent.

When you buy garlic, you can quickly check this and test the garlic yourself. All you need to do is to squeeze the bulb. And remember, if it is firm- it is good.

3. More Flavorful

This might be hard for you to figure it out. But some chefs say that they recognize the Chinese garlic, even if they mix it with other ingredients. How? The garlic has a metallic taste.

It is believed that it is like that because of the allicin level, the compound that contributes to its smell and taste.

The Chinese garlic has 3500 ppm i.e. parts per million, while the American garlic around 4400 ppm.

Yes, the majority of garlic found in the US is imported, however, if you want to find a proper one you can.

You can always look for some garlic that is locally grown, or you can always ask at the market about the origin of the garlic,  in case the garlic does not have any label.

Make sure what you are eating and prevent unhealthy chemicals from entering into your body.


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