Thyroid can be Managed Naturally


Thyroid system dysfunction (TSD) is defined as a condition in which the patient may have a large number of symptoms associated with abnormal thyroid function including a low basal body temperature, but standard thyroid tests are normal. It often masquerades as a multitude of other diseases. Individuals with TSD have all sorts of seemingly unrelated symptoms and can often get lost in our modern system of medicine.

The most effective treatment of TSD in women is aimed at correcting the trio of underlying problems involving the thyroid, the adrenals, and the ovaries.

Because of the relationship between these organs, the treatment of TSD alone may resolve an estrogen dominance issue in a woman’s body. However, if symptoms like irritability, insomnia, depression, migraines, and food cravings linger after the underlying thyroid problems have been addressed, then treatment for estrogen dominance may be necessary.

In the treatment of estrogen dominance, timing is as important as what you take for it. Bioidentical, natural progesterone is the most effective treatment for estrogen dominance—if you take it at the right time of the month.

There are three different forms of progesterone:

1 // Natural progesterone creams found in natural food and health stores. The amount of cream needed depends on the concentration of progesterone. Most creams contain 15 to 20 mg in every 1/4 teaspoon. A premenopausal woman needs 20 mg per day in the last half of her cycle.

2 // Bioidentical progesterone cream or suppositories from a compounding pharmacist.

3 // Prometrium is a pill containing bioidentical progesterone. When you take progesterone in a pill form, the amount that gets into the body varies greatly from woman to woman. Most women require around 200 mg per day because only 10 percent of the progesterone is absorbed.

Timing is everything. When it comes to bioidentical progesterone supplementation, you start the progesterone three days after ovulation and continue it for nine days. In order to time it effectively, a woman needs to be able to identify when she has ovulated by charting her cycle, taking her temperature or using an ovulation monitor. This is called cooperative bioidentical hormone supplementation. Supplementing with natural progesterone after ovulation restores the natural hormone balance in the woman’s body and corrects the underlying problem. The benefits of restoring natural hormone balance include a renewed sense of well being, decreased risk for heart attack and stroke, and a decreased risk for breast cancer.

Our sense of well-being has a profound effect on our success and enjoyment in daily life. Work performance, relationships, and personal interests all suffer when we do not feel 100 percent. TSD is a disease that can have a significant impact on all these areas of life, but acts as a chameleon disguised as a multitude of other diseases. TSD is often ignored or overlooked by conventional medicine and leaves those who suffer with its consequences frustrated and discouraged.

Natural and complementary medicine offers hope to those who have struggled for years with seemingly unrelated symptoms and received little relief through conventional medicine. Natural and holistic solutions are particularly valuable in the treatment of TSD because of the mind-body connection between chronic stress, the adrenals, and thyroid hormone. Helping the body heal itself is the key to treating this problem and living a long and happy life.

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