Frozen Whipped Greek Yogurt

greek yogurt 2

Sweetkiwi balances our need to prioritize our health and enjoy the benefits of proper nutrition. The high protein whipped Greek frozen yogurt was reformulated during the pandemic to include superfood ingredients that boost immunity. They bridge the gap between good for you, functional nutrition, and great taste because life is at its most flavorful when you can indulge without guilt. Sweetkiwi intentionally sources its ingredients from the U.S., with milk coming from family-owned, grass-fed cows in California. All offerings are non-GMO, kosher, and lactose-free.

Our natural premium whipped Greek yogurt is made with fresh milk which is cultured and strained then whipped to create an unforgettable frozen Greek yogurt experience and is refreshingly light. Naturally loaded with protein, probiotics, superfoods and fiber—Sweetkiwi is simply a healthier dessert with a super hero cape and healthy never tasted better!

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