Your Complete Guide on How to Steep Your E-Liquid

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As in any world, there are some kept secrets out there. In this world, we’re talking about the juicy (pun intended, thank you) secrets of e-liquids.

Every vape juice is made out of chemical makeup, and this is what gives the particular flavor. However, these exact flavors will, in time, settle, thing that leads to an unmixed taste. It’s also the case that some mixtures are not thoroughly blended together yet. There is a way to work that out, and that is through steeping your e-juice – this is actually quite common. 

The first thing you need to do it to check your liquid. Those e-liquids that are commonly sold may already be steeped by the supplier. Those which are fresh may need to be steeped, it depends on the flavor. You should ask your supplier is the juices are fresh or pre-steeped – it’s a matter of preference, as some may taste better fresh than steeped or vice versa.

Steep your juice in a glass bottle. If you find a UV bottle, it’s actually better. When it comes to plastic bottles, we should mention that they don’t allow the heat that’s meant to be retained during the process the steep to get in. Many people say that there’s no difference in taste from a bottle of glass to a bottle of plastic. It usually depends on the flavor.

There are some very common steeping techniques. The most simple one is to remove the excess sealing plastic and to cap before you store the liquid bottle in a cool and dry area. You should leave it for one or two weeks. This technique is going to allow the oxygen to get into the mixture and bring out the flavors, thing that leads to the chemical bond.

If you choose a glass bottle, get a pan, a pot, or any other container and fill it with warm water until half the bottle is submerged. After this, remove the cap of the bottle and put it in the water. You should let it like that until the water gets the room’s temperature. After this, follow the technique from above. Make sure that you don’t let any juice fall over, as you’ll waste your juice.

This technique is good because it lets the atoms and molecules from the juice to mix and bond because of the average quantity of heat they are exposed to. This also means that it allows the flavor to bond, and will become widespread in the liquid.

If you’ve never done this, you should, because you can get surprised on how an eliquid can find its vibrant flavors when steeped. This whole process can take from a few days up to a couple of weeks, but it’s worth the waiting.

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