World’s Number One Ginseng Brand Celebrates Women’s Health Month

KGC Women s Health

In honor of Women’s Health Month, Korea Ginseng Corporation, the world’s number one ginseng brand and leading manufacturer of Korean Red Ginseng, is reminding women of the power and science of Korean Red Ginseng and its benefits for a range of health issues important to women, including support for improved blood flow, reduction of inflammation in the body, management of menopause symptoms, stronger immunity, and better skin health.

“Women’s Health Month is an important time of awareness for women and those who are dedicated to supporting women in their wellness journey. Increased stress, heightened burnout, disruptive allergies, less mobility, and long hours sitting while working remotely are factoring into inflammation, poor blood flow, and reduced immunity for women,” said Rian (Heungsil) Lee, CEO of Korea Ginseng Corp. U.S.

“Research shows Korean Red Ginseng may play a role in supporting women in addressing many of these health concerns and supporting a wide range of wellness goals,” adds Lee.

Through a set of time-consuming steps, unprocessed ginseng becomes red ginseng, and its healthful properties are enhanced. Within the ginseng family, Korean Red Ginseng reigns as the more efficacious, given its high levels of saponin and non-saponin ingredients (also known as what creates health benefits), which are not typically found in other types of ginseng.

To reach these high-standard properties, Korea Ginseng Corporation follows an optimal sourcing process, which requires two years to condition and prepare each field for planting. This meticulous process allows each plant to grow for six years to reach its optimal state of maturity, then rests and resets each field for ten years before replanting.

Korea Ginseng Corporation and its flagship ginseng brand, CheongKwanJang, represent the gold standard of Korean Red Ginseng, in part due to its thorough, high-quality sourcing process. KORESELECT by Korea Ginseng Corporation, which was recently launched in the U.S., is comprised of five benefit-focused Korean Red Ginseng products that provide targeted solutions to many of the health goals and concerns women are facing today.

Key health benefits of Korean Red Ginseng for women’s health include:

Blood Circulation Support: Healthy blood circulation is integral to our overall health. Women face concerns from poor blood flow, including varicose veins, spider veins, and impact on heart and cognitive health.

Researchers at the Nutritional Sciences Department at the University of Toronto conducted a study with healthy adults, in which each consumed three grams of red ginseng powder, and after 180 minutes, their blood vessels (FMD test) were measured. The study found that majority of participants had improved vascular endothelial function (e.g., improved blood flow).

May Reduce Inflammation: Inflammation is the immune system’s natural response to injury, illness, allergies, and increased stress. If inflammation is left untreated, the body’s inflammatory response can eventually damage healthy cells, tissues, and organs. Powerful ginsenosides in Korean Red Ginseng target immune system pathways, which may reduce inflammation and aid in repairing the body.

Menopausal Relief: For many women, the menopause transition can be a long, hard journey afflicted by a range of symptoms, such as mood changes, hot flashes, sleep disruption, and impairment of mental acuity and focus. Korean Red Ginseng offers a natural solution to women looking to ease menopause symptoms by helping to reduce inflammation and irritability, enhance energy and productivity, and support memory and cognitive performance.

Skin Health Support: Our skin often mirrors our overall health. To combat skin health concerns, it’s essential to take an inside-out approach to skincare. Nutrition factors into skin health. In addition to soothing inflammation that can cause puffiness and redness, Korean Red Ginseng may also reduce wrinkles and signs of aging and promote elasticity and collagen production.

“Taking the active lifestyle of many women today into consideration, our KORESELECT packaging features liquid sticks and traditional capsules, making it easy to consume a premium Korean Red Ginseng product anywhere, anytime,” said Lee. “Our hope is that women everywhere will feel empowered to take control of their health and incorporate the time-tested, natural solution of ginseng into their daily routines.”

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About Korea Ginseng Corp.
Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC) is the world’s number one ginseng brand. Established in 1899, Korea Ginseng Corporation is a highly trusted and reliable Korean Red Ginseng brand and the oldest and most reputable manufacturer in the category. The global ginseng leader provides the highest quality, traditionally-harvested Korean Red Ginseng—recognized as the more efficacious form of ginseng. KGC’s family of brands include KORESELECT, CheongKwanJang, Good Base and Donginbi. KORESELECT products are a plant-based, time-tested, natural solution for core aspects of health and wellness and may support healthy blood circulation, natural energy, and immunity as well as cognitive function, skin health and reduction of inflammation. For more information visit,

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