Women’s Vitality 

PDP DTC Glandulars Women sVitality Hero01 650x650

Ancient Nutrition introduces Women’s Vitality promoting overall health with history’s most nutritious superfoods, now formulated for the modern diet. This female-specific blend of 12 organs and glands, including adrenal and thyroid to support healthy bones, hormones energy and more. This formula combines 12 organs and glands with herbs and probiotics and is sourced from grass-fed Argentinian beef and wild, free roaming Icelandic lambs. 

This wild, grass-fed organ supplement blend is packed with history’s most powerful superfoods for women, designed to restore what the modern diet lacks. You’ll also get organic spirulina, chaga extract, holy basil and beet root – all time-tested superfoods for women’s health – plus vitamins K2, D3, B12 and iron. Together, this formula delivers powerful support to balance hormones, promote healthy aging and help women thrive.

Visit www.ancientnutrition.com.

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