Winter Weight, Be Gone

Quick exercise tips

If the arrival of spring means you seek to shed some pounds, try these tips to make sure the weight stays off all year long.

>> Talk about it.

Have a workout buddy, friend those on social media who share your goals, join a class, or get a personal trainer. Discuss your goals, successes—and failures—with a likeminded friend, rather than trying to go at it alone.

>> Keep a food journal.

You might not even notice your mindless munching, but logging your food intake shines real light on what you are consistently putting into your body.

>> Figure out what motivates you.

Maybe it’s your new running shoes, embarrassing music from high school, or the lurking realization that your favorite jeans won’t fit if you don’t keep up the work. Whatever it is, use it to power you through each workout.

>> Cook more.

When you cook for yourself, you notice everything that goes into a meal. Dining out might feel like license to eat unhealthy foods because the preparation is out of your control, but cooking at home means you determine exactly what you put into your body.

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