Will transplanted hair ever fall out?


There are lots of people who plan on getting a hair transplant in Turkey, but they have their fears. Losing transplanted hair being on the top of these fears. Most of the potential patients are wondering if this actually happens and what you can do to prevent or to stop hair loss if it occurs after surgery. No one wants to spend a ton of money to get a hair transplant only to find themselves bald all over again.

There are a few things that you should know regarding the follow-up of a hair transplant. For starters, there is something called hair loss shock, and this is the temporary loss of transplanted hairs. But you shouldn’t worry because this is only temporary. Under this condition, the newly transplanted hair may fall out within a period of four to six weeks after surgery. This common hair lost post-surgery is caused by a stress-related condition that is called Telogen Effluvium or TE. The trauma that was caused to the patient’s scalp during the hair restoration procedure can result in this TE which develops -although it’s not necessarily noticeable- right after surgery. TE is linked to the cycle of hair growth, and this condition causes hair follicles to enter their resting phase prematurely. This will cause hair fall, uneven growth and it will also shut down hair production but only temporarily. After a maximum period of one to three months, the hair begins to grow again thicker and fuller.

You shouldn’t be worried because this condition is totally normal and temporary.

Real Effects

If you’re wondering when exactly you can begin to see the real and durable effects of your hair transplant procedure, then you can rest assured because in around five months you will see the definitive results that you have been longing for. After a single month since you have the procedure, you will already see new hairs on your scalp. During the first month, the newly transplanted hairs will keep falling and growing back. The complete and permanent results will show themselves in about 12 months, and this is usually the period necessary for the newly transplanted hair follicles to look as you always wanted. After your hair reaches the desired stage, you can begin to consider an appropriate haircut.


It’s generally recommended that anyone who decides to undergo a hair transplant procedure to try a six-month treatment with pharmaceutical hair loss products such as minoxidil before having the surgery. Continuing the treatment as well as following a nutrition guide after the hair transplant surgery is also a must to enhance the post-operative results

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