Why You Should See a Psychiatrist


A Psychiatrist

If you have dealt with mental issues, you may want to understand where to get help; many people do not differentiate between a psychiatrist and a psychologist. You will find that many people visit psychologists more than they would utilize a psychiatrist. A psychologist learns how to deal with the problems affecting a person suffering from mental illnesses using other ways other than medication. A psychiatrist has the skill and expertise to use a combination of life skills and medication to balance the treatment. Nowadays, psychologists even prescribe medicine that may further confuse a patient on the role of a psychiatrist. However, a psychiatrist receives training while in medical school and advances to learn how to use medication, life skills, and other new ways of treatment while dealing with a patient. Dr. Amr Beltagui is a qualified psychiatrist who will help you deal with your mental illness in a wholesome and effective way.

They are Up To Date with Latest Treatments

They receive training on all possible ways of treating mental illness. They always have several methods they can apply to handle each unique case. You will receive an assessment followed by several sessions to help them understand your condition. If you have tried several methods of treating your situation, they will want to understand it before they undertake a method of treatment. If you have tried most of the existing techniques, they can prescribe newer techniques such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation as a new form of therapy. You should understand that health insurance companies do not fund new forms of treatment if it does not have the consent of a qualified psychiatrist.

They Offer the Right Environment

Part of proper care involves having an environment that encourages treatment. When you have a mental condition, even the setup of the area you go to for help matters. It would help if you had a space that encourages you to open up, and helps you to remain safe in case you have an episode. Primary caregivers do not specialize in treating mental health in a wholesome way, especially if your case goes beyond the average. If you feel that you do not get the proper care you deserve, consider seeing a psychiatrist. You can also gauge the success of your visits to your primary caregiver based on the improvements you are making. Visiting a caregiver and not getting any improvement, even after consistent consultancy, should serve as a sign that you need to change your way of dealing with the illness. Contact a specialist to help you improve.

It Could Improve Your Current Treatment Plan

You may have taken a psychologist’s approach to treating your mental illness. However, you may have observed little progress, if any. The reason could not stem from the incompetence of your psychologist but could arise from their lack of knowledge of mental illness resulting from a medical condition. The medical condition includes hormonal imbalances in the body that will continue to occur even if you apply the treatment offered by a psychologist. A psychiatrist has the training that helps them analyze your medical history and the symptoms you exhibit through your behavior pattern. They can detect whether your condition could respond to medication and prescribe the right medication to bring hormonal balance and thus treat the primary cause of your illness.

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