Hair Loss a Result of Vitamin A Deficiency


Vitamin A presents the body with a benefit galore. It possesses antioxidant properties which prevent the skin from getting damaged by the sun’s rays. It also helps to maintain eyesight as well as improve cognitive issues, the health of the bones, teeth, and internal organs such as the lungs. However, to gain the most from vitamin A, it should be taken in moderation. While it is part of the vital vitamins for hair loss, it can lead to hair loss when taken in excess. For this reason, when looking forward to having better hair, these hair experts will advise you against taking vitamin A supplements. 

Vitamin A and Hair Loss

Taking the vitamin in moderation will prevent hair loss. It helps to heal the scalp once it is injured and also keep it moist. Similar to other vitamins for hair loss, it also helps to boost hair growth. However, vitamin A is fat-soluble, which means that it doesn’t get absorbed. While it is mainly stored in the liver, the excessive intake will mean that your body will have an overdose. Eventually, this leads to conditions such as hair loss, osteoporosis, dried skin, and congenital disabilities to name a few consequences. Therefore, to avoid such frustrations with your hair, reduce the intake of vitamin A.

What Is The Recommended Intake Level?

It is typically impossible to overdose on vitamin A when only taking it through foods. However, when taking vitamin A from supplements, you are likely to go above the recommended level, thus harming your hair. Some of the common sources of the vitamin are vegetables, and an overdose will mean that you will have to take too much of them. In most cases, the overdose happens from simply taking too many supplements. While the normal recommended intake is 10,000UI, taking double of this will typically lead to an overdose. As a result, it is mandatory to consult a doctor or a specialist before choosing to start taking the supplements.

What to Do After Vitamin-A-Induced Hair Loss

Without adequate knowledge that excess vitamin A could lead to hair loss, it is possible that you have already consumed a lot. If you suspect that the hair loss you are experiencing is from excessive intake of vitamin A, then you need to stop taking it in excess. Instead of taking the supplements, switch to only getting it from food sources. This will ensure that the excess reserves of the vitamin will get used up, and your hair is bound to grow back. However, you should consult the doctor if you suspect otherwise.

Vitamin A is the perfect example of too much of anything is poisonous. When taking it with other vitamins for hair loss, you should follow the doctor’s instructions to the letter. As long as you stick to taking the recommended 10,000UI intake level, your hair will be safe.

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