What The Beauty Industry Would Look Like If Not For Hairdressers

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We can maybe imagine that a lot of us, men and women, would be walking around miserable if hairdressers were not around. If there’s any industry that makes people happy, it’s going to be the beauty industry. The industry in general, which includes hair care products, cosmetics, fragrances and a host of other products such as powders, lotions and ointments had a global revenue of $532 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach approximately $863 billion in 2024 which says a lot about how we appreciate the industry. With more focus on the customer, the industry also works very hard on how the customer wants to feel.

Because our definition of beauty is forever changing, the industry is more open to newer and better innovations, and this is especially true for hairdressers. Feeling a bit down? Get a new haircut. Feeling like a change? Get a new haircut. Feeling like trying your favorite celeb’s hairstyle for you? Get a haircut. That’s how relevant hairdressing and hairdressers are in our life. If you need more reasons why haircuts and styles are given that much importance, we’ve got a bunch to share with you.

Rejuvenating: You can truly reinvent yourself with a few snips to give you a fresh, new look through your locks. A haircut that suits you can take years off your overall appearance, if that’s what you want. Your creativity and spunk will ultimately show in the cut that suits you.

Damage control: With just a few snips every six weeks or so using hairdressing scissors, you will have much less damage to your hair that leads to split ends, and other types of hair problems. Keeping your hair neatly trimmed can certainly lessen those bad hair days.

Healthier hair: Who doesn’t want a head full of healthy hair? When your hair is healthy, it not only looks great, but also might help promote hair growth because hair follicles need nutrients to grow strong, so you need to keep follicles healthy.

Change of emotions: Our emotions are very tied to the way we physically look. This is one of the reasons it’s often recommended to get a new look or hairstyle when we’ve been through something that was hard on us emotionally; a breakup often being a common reason. No pun intended, but most people would go to great lengths to just feel a bit better, so having a new hairstyle seems like a baby step to take till your heart heals.

Impermanent change: The best thing about hairdressing is that nothing is ever permanent. Cut it too short, it will grow back, chose a wrong hair dye color, we can depend on our hairdresser to fix it and work their magic on our hair.

Like magic

Our hair doesn’t hold any real magical power, but a lovely, new hairstyle definitely feels magical. New style options give us different ways to present ourselves to the world and express how we feel. We can’t always feel great no matter how hard we try, but at least the hairdresser can help us look great, and that in itself is great!


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