What are the Natural Therapies to Lower Stress and Anxiety?

lower stress

If we look at the number of studies that have been made on stress and anxiety this year, mostly linked with the COVID-19 crisis, we understand right away the importance of the subject. Finding ways to remain mentally healthy becomes a priority. You don’t have to use medicine when symptoms of stress and anxiety start to develop in you. There are natural therapies to deal with them, which we will now present to you.

What Stress Does to Us

Stress has an impact on our body and our mind. It places a lot of tension which we feel in our muscles and body. At the same time, we feel this tension mentally as well, and it places us in a position where we are on high alert all the time. Therefore, stress drains all our physical and mental energy, leaving us completely exhausted.

Here is how you can fight back and regain your energy:


We all breathe naturally, but when stress and anxiety enter us, it modifies our breathing rhythm. It is largely the cause of all the other problems that come along afterwards (cardiovascular trouble, headaches, diarrhoea, and others). That is why you need to learn breathing techniques to help you go through periods of stress and anxiety. You can find some online, on websites like intermittent-breathing.com.


Since we are stressing the importance of breathing, how about adding some essential oils that you can breathe in around the house? Having the right essential oil, diffused in the various rooms of the house, can have a great calming effect on the whole family. For example, you can use lavender in the bedrooms: It will help you to go through your breathing exercises and therefore, lower your blood pressure.


If you’ve tried different therapies and they don’t seem to be working, maybe it is time to look into Chinese herbal therapy. Many of the herbs used in this Chinese medicine are considered to be adaptogens. That means they can help your body to handle physical and mental stressors better. The goal of this therapy is to put you in a natural balanced state.


Last but not least, get moving! The endorphins that enter the brain when you practice physical activities will protect you from the stress and anxiety by bringing a sense of satisfaction through your whole body. Remaining active will keep your negative thoughts at bay, and the energy you spend will make you sleep better at night.

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