Ways to Promote Better Child Development

kids in preschool

Every parent wants their child to grow and develop into smart, healthy, and happy human beings. As you watch them reach new milestones, the joy and pride you feel is irreplaceable. If your child is going to reach new heights with each passing day, month, and year, it becomes necessary for parents to nurture them and guide them along the way. How can you help your child accomplish more milestones? Here are some suggestions below to insure child development:

Feed Them Right

When you take your child to the doctor, one of the first things they do is check their height and weight to ensure that they’re on target. Though there could be underlying issues for why your child isn’t reaching a healthy height or weight, many times it boils down to diet. To help your children’s bodies and minds develop appropriately, you must watch what you feed them, and sometimes even supplement their diet.

No matter how old your child is, they require a diet that is rich in vitamins and nutrients necessary for proper body and mind function. Children who eat at least three healthy meals per day reduce the chances of becoming obese, along with other developmental challenges and delays.

Read to Them

Part of developing language and speech skills is the communication they encounter with others. Not only should you constantly be communicating with your child (even if all they speak is babble), but you should also be doing things to improve their language skills like reading to them. Reading books not only allows them to use their imaginations and explore new things, but it helps develop speech and build their vocabulary. Something as simple as reading a story every night before bed can have a positive impact on their language skills and milestones.

Play with Your Kids to Support Child Development

Believe it or not, playing with your kids can do wonders for their growth and development. When you play with your child, you help them to develop self-control and social skills. Both imaginary play and physical play like going outside has been known to improve motor skills, cognitive development, regulate emotions, and how to engage and socialize with others.

Ask Questions and Give Options

Essentially, you want your child to be able to solve problems and make informed decisions. One way to help them develop in this area is to ask questions. Asking age-appropriate questions like, “Where do you put your coat when you come inside?” or “Why shouldn’t you run down the stairs?” Allows them to solve problems for themselves. Whereas, giving options such as what kind of juice they’ll drink with lunch or which show they want to watch allows them to develop confidence and independence.

Keep Medical Appointments

This one can’t be stressed enough. Especially during the first five years of age, your children will be growing and developing rapidly. The pediatrician is your source for ensuring your children are developing appropriately. Make sure that your child is not only seeing the doctor when they’re sick, but every year for physicals, vaccines, immunizations, and more. This is a great time to discuss child development issues with your doctor. They should also be visiting the dentist (when appropriate) and the eye doctor. Keeping regular appointments ensures that you stay on top of their health and get immediate help if necessary.

In order for your child to develop into a happy and healthy human being, it is necessary for you to set the foundation and guide them along the way. Make sure that you’re doing what you can to enhance their development. Feeding them right, reading to them, having fun, giving them options, and making sure they visit the doctor when necessary will go a long way in ensuring that your children are on the right track.  

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