Ways in Which DNA Affects Your Diet

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Genetics influence your life more than you could have ever imagines. While you are probably already aware that genes determine certain traits such as the color of your hair or the color of your eyes, you may not know that your DNA plays a big part even when it comes to things such as our food choices.

An individual’s DNA has a huge impact on his or her health. That is why using a dna testing kit might help you lose that weight that you have always been struggling with. Understanding your genes is the first step towards obtaining the body you have always wanted.

What are genes

Our bodies each have 46 chromosomes. Each chromosome can contain hundreds or even thousands of segments of deoxyribonucleic acid, also known as genes. The genetic material determines everything, from the color of the eyes to the dimples we have.

Genes connected to body weight

DNA determines what you eat. If you have predispositions towards certain food, it is your DNA the one that causes that. Things such as lactose intolerance and gluten sensitivity are also caused by your genes. There are certain traits linked to certain genetic markers. A study has revealed that there is a variant of the genes for bitter taste receptors which can influence whether or not you like drinking coffee. The people who have this marker enjoy coffee more.

The intensity of certain foods is also determined by your genetic background. For example, genetic markers might determine how you perceive the intensity of salt and sugar. People are genetically predisposed when it comes to choosing food which is saltier or sweeter.

Other genetic markers determine the preference for butter or oil. It is believed that these markers also influence your total fat, starch and calorie intake.

What determines your food choices?

Epigenetics is a field that studies the relation between genes and nutrition. For scientists it is important to find out how factors such as diet can influence genes. Researchers believe that environmental influences might be trans-generational.

Others suggest that the influences are in fact time sensitive and they are determined by the stage of development a person is in. There are also scientists who claim that it is possible to reverse such alterations.

DNA methylation is one of the most important epigenetic mechanisms. This affects the function, as well as the expression of DNA. It appears that diet is able to control DNA methylation, which means that food has an important impact on our bodies. There are certain vitamins and micronutrients which are able to regulate DNA methylation. Additionally, if a person lacks those nutrients, there is a higher risk of disease.

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