Vinyl Floors: how to properly clean and take care of them

vinyl floors

We all know that there are on the market lots of solutions of every type of floor existing. They’re different, so they require different processes of cleaning. Whether you’re looking for cleaning services nyc or any other service available, you don’t want to mess up your floor, so make sure you’re using what you’re supposed to for your floor.


How to prevent it from damage

Debris, such as teeny-tiny rocks and particles of dirt, is almost always present on your floor. That’s why some items were invented, to keep them away and avoid damage. A way to avoid them is to buy two doormats, one for the inside of your door and one for outside. You might think it’s a little extreme, but would you rather have little rocks which will scratch the surface of the floor?

Another way is to sweep your floor on a daily basis. By doing this, you’ll get prevention from any dust and dirt to infiltrate deeply in your floor.

In case you spilt something on your vinyl floor, you really need to clean it right away. Do not let it dry. It will damage your floor (which is very fragile, by the way) in no time.


Next are a few tips on how to clean your vinyl floor

A vinyl floor is fragile, so you’ll need to take proper care of it. By doing this, you can also get a high chance at being indestructible for years.


Sweep the floor

You need to make sure you firstly sweep the floor. By doing this, you’ll pick all the dirt particles from it and it will be easier for you to mop it after – the water will stay clean for a much longer time. Do not use a vacuum, but a broom, because the vacuum can and will damage your floor. However, if you have a vacuum with a hardwood floor setting, you may use it on your vinyl floor.


Prepare the bucket

After you swept the floor, you need to fill a bucket with water and some cleaning solution. Be careful at the solution – they’re not all the same and they’re certainly not for all the floors. Some of them can be damaging to the vinyl floor. So look for the right solution. To make sure there will be no problems, use it in a corner, or, best, under something (fridge or furniture) where you can see for sure (and without public) if your floor is going to survive.


Do not use damaging tools

When encountering spots, do not, under any circumstance, use steel wool in your floor, because it will scratch it and it will never be the same. So be careful on the surface of your cleaning tool. Instead, use a clean, soft cloth, or a mop with loose strands.


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