Vape pen and essential oils – are they a good match?

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In a world where an increasing number of people decides to go back to their roots and live in harmony with nature, essential oils slowly became an important part of the everyday life of many. As expected, this trend has also found a large group of followers amongst vapers. Essential oils can be vaped, but before you decide to try them, take a look at some facts about this exciting combination of vapes and essential oils.

What kind of vape pen is best to use with essential oils?

Choosing the correct type of vape pen to use with various essential oils is crucial. You might think that your dry herb vaporizers can support the vaping of these aromatic liquids. While in some cases it might be true, there are certain factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing the best option.

There are some dry herb vaporizers that you can use in order to vape oils with the help of some special accessories. Not all of them are good at this job, not even those that are adapted to both dry herbs and concentrates. If you want to avoid any potential disappointments, the best idea would be to simply search for a vape pen that was designed to support the use of concentrates and waxes. These vapes have much thinner seals that will not leak, while the best possible transportation of the vapor is guaranteed by specially developed air flow ports.

What type of essential oils to choose?

After you peak your perfect vape pen, you need to decide carefully what kind of essential oil is best suited for you. There are a few things you will have to consider while choosing these vaping substances. Most importantly, pay close attention to the quality of the product. Do not hesitate to ask an expert for an opinion, which will allow you to obtain the safest and purest essential oils that were made exclusively for vaping. You should try to avoid cheaper oils, as they are of worse quality and usually contain some additional ingredients and impurities, which may be harmful when used for vaping.

You also need to be aware of the essential oils’ strength, as it may vary from one company to another. Some oils can be concentrated, while others might be diluted. The type of ingredients is also important, as some plants have simply more powerful effects than others. That’s why every time you try something new, test your oil using just a few drops of it. Once you know what effect it has, you might increase the amount if necessary.

How to vape using essential oils

In order to take full advantage of the positive properties of essential oils, you should vape slowly, taking only shallow draws. Be aware that different oils react to different temperatures, so do not be afraid to search for the optimal temperature, starting with a low one, and then begin to slowly increase it until you fill the full effect of the oils.

In case you decide to try another type of essential oils, remember to clean your vape pen thoroughly to avoid mixing old flavors and scents with new ones.

At the present moment, there are many types of essential oils to choose from. They might have healing effects on your body and soul, helping you to ease stress, reduce anxiety or fight insomnia. You can also experiment a little by mixing different types of oils. When you test your custom blend, take it easy. Be careful not to add too many drops of one oil, which could destroy the balance of your mix. Most of all, have fun while creating your personalized mix, treat it as a therapy and simply enjoy vaping essential oils.

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  1. It is interesting that you are addressing vaping essential oils. There can be substantial dangers associated with this practice if not done properly. We do NOT recommend vaping pure essential oils. MONQ ( the leader in this industry, dilutes essential oils with 80% vegetable glycerin, in order to allow the safe use of essential oils in a low temperature device which is designed specifically for this purpose.

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