Using Vinegar for Eco-Friendly House Cleaning

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Vinegar used to be a common household tool to clean your home. Many modern-day households are finding this lost cleaning solution as an eco-friendly way to clean their homes.

Vinegar Is An Effective Household Cleaner 

Distilled white vinegar contains 5 percent acetic acid, a compound that dissolves dirt and debris. Vinegar has been proven to work as a disinfectant killing certain bacteria known to cause foodborne illnesses, according to the National Sanitation Foundation.

A dilution of ¼ white vinegar to half a gallon of water is the recommended amount for cleaning surfaces in your home. Using this solution on countertops, floors, windows, wooden surfaces and the bathroom will leave them sparkling. Simply spray your surface with the solution and wipe down with a microfiber cloth.

Vinegar is a safe way to clean your garbage disposal. Over time disposals can become clogged with food and grease. Pouring a half, a gallon of vinegar down the disposal will help loosen the debris and clear the funky smell coming out of the drain. Ensure your disposal is unplugged and use a small toothbrush to scrub the blades and other components. Once finished scrubbing, plug the disposal back in, turn on and flush with water.

Vinegar can also be used on wooden surfaces, such as kitchen tables, coffee tables or any wood with a polyurethane finish. Using the same solution will wipe away dust, leaving a glossy finish behind.

However, using vinegar on unfinished coarse wooden surfaces should not be done. The acidic properties of vinegar seep into the grain and breaks down the wood. Cleaning these surfaces with soap and water is the eco-friendly manner.

Vinegar also works great on hard water stains accumulating in the shower, bathtub and bathroom sink. The acid in the vinegar quickly eats away at the stains allowing you to do some light scrubbing and wipe away the residue.

The main issue putting people off from using vinegar is the smell it leaves behind. Essential oils are an effective way to disperse the smell of vinegar. Adding only a few drops of citrus or lavender oil can add a pleasant aroma to the vinegar solution.

Using vinegar is a cheap and effective method in maintaining your home’s cleanliness. I recommend every family to have a bottle of vinegar solution under the sink to clean countertops and other surfaces throughout the home. Just remember to use citrus or oils to mask the smell.

Author: Johnny Pallares is the Owner and Operator of De La Rosa House Cleaning located in Phoenix, AZ. The company provides professional home cleaning services to over 500 clients across the Greater Phoenix area.

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