Using CrossFit to Achieve your Fitness Goals

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Maybe you are thinking of getting started with an exercise routine? Either way, have you heard of the benefits of CrossFit training? CrossFit is a revolutionary training system created by Greg Glassman in the early 2000’s.

The system gained in popularity as the use of the internet increased. Glassman began to publish a WOD, or Workout of the Day on his blog and before long, he had amassed a legion of fitness freak followers.

Today, CrossFit workouts are performed daily, all over the globe. With the CrossFit affiliate program, new CrossFit gyms are opening in every country. To date, there are over 13,000 affiliate gyms, all offering CrossFit training to dedicated fitness athletes.

CrossFit even has its own competition. The ‘CrossFit Games’ are held annually and attract the biggest and best talent to test their fitness in a competitive event.

The origins of CrossFit

 CrossFit was first invented by Glassman as an alternative to mainstream high school and collegiate sports. Glassman wanted to stay fit but did not enjoy the team sports of his day. He invented CrossFit as a means of keeping himself fit. Little did he know that his creation would be adopted by so many fitness enthusiasts.

CrossFit surged to popularity as more people began to come online toward the mid-2000’s. Today its popularity is gaining rapidly and the system has produced some fitness superstars that rival superheroes in their physical prowess.

The principles of CrossFit

The training principles behind the CrossFit system are fairly simple to understand. All workouts are completed with maximum effort in a high-intensity fashion. This allows for maximum engagement of the central nervous system and yields the best results for gains in strength a cardiovascular performance.

|Types of CrossFit workouts

A typical CrossFit workout of the Day includes bodyweight exercises such as pushups, pullups, and burpees, with free-weight exercises thrown in in the form of powerlifting movements. CrossFit has a smorgasbord of terminology used to describe workouts and movements.

Some of the most popular workout styles are; EMOM, Every Minute on the Minute and AMRAP, As Many Reps as Possible. CrossFit adds in a time factor to the workout and most CrossFit workouts adhere to the time length of 30 minutes or less. The best AMRAP workouts will leave you meeting ‘Pukie the clown’, another CrossFit term used to describe a trainee that has pushed their abilities too far, to the point of losing the contents of their stomach.

This kind of workout may either be appealing, or scary to you. The nice thing about CrossFit is that it caters to all levels of trainee, from the beginner to the advanced. You train and progress at your own pace and on your own time.

Your nutrition & recovery are important

CrossFit workouts are demanding. Along with your dedication to your workouts, comes dedication to your diet. Your diet will determine your recovery rate from the end of your workout. If you do not eat enough, your body will not recover and you will open yourself up to a possible injury occurring. Being injured hurts your progress and sets you back.

When you first walk into a CrossFit gym and start training, ask the advice of the senior members and pick their brains for tips. CrossFit has moved from an individual sport at its creation, to its modern day status as a community that feeds off each other and helps one another progress toward achieving their fitness goals.

 Log your progress

You will never get where you are going if you do not know where you have been. CrossFit emphasizes the recording of workout data. The data is periodically analyzed and adjustments to training and diet are made based off of the logged results.


Make sure that you keep a journal from your very first workout. Looking back over your past fitness career and seeing how and when you achieved your goals will inspire you to achieve further progress in your training.

CrossFit for better health into the future

 CrossFit is no miracle cure, however, it is a top-tier fitness program that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, sexes, and fitness experience levels. If you are serious about getting in shape then head down to your local CrossFit affiliate and sign up today, a new you awaits!

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