Should You Undergo Laser Hair Removal?

The growth of unwanted body hair is something that we all have to deal with on an ongoing basis. However, there are some methods of body hair removal that tend to produce better results than others. One such reliable method you could try, if you find yourself dealing with body hair you don’t want, is to remove the hair with lasers.


Laser hair removal produces longer-lasting results than standard hair removal methods you might do by yourself at home, such as waxing or shaving. However, there are certain down sides of laser hair removal that you also need to think about before you try it. Here are some good and bad points of laser treatment that you should factor into your decision about whether or not to schedule a laser hair removal procedure.


It Doesn’t Matter How Much Hair You Can See

If you choose to undergo a laser treatment to get rid of body hair then you can do so whenever you wish, regardless of whether you have recently shaved or waxed. The lasers are capable of pinpointing the portions of each hair below the surface of your skin. In fact, that is the reason why laser treatments keep hair from growing back for a long time. By treating the entire hair right down to the follicle, it causes the hair to take much longer to grow back. Shaved hairs grow back quickly because large portions of them are untouched just under your the skin’s outer layer.


Each Laser Hair Removal Treatment Takes Very Little Time

Standard procedures involving laser hair removal machines can be performed in one hour or less. They can also keep the hair from growing back for weeks in some cases. Even if you factor in the time it takes to drive to and from your local skincare clinic to have the procedure done, you will still save yourself hours of time and aggravation you might experience when waxing or shaving.


Laser Procedures Are Not as Uncomfortable as They Sound

It is important for you to understand that skincare lasers are not typically dangerous or extremely painful. They are designed specifically for cosmetic procedures. Hair removal laser treatments should never be unbearably painful. The worst you should feel is a slight snapping sensation or a little bit of heat during the process. Your technician can work with you to manage any minor discomfort that you do experience.


Your Skin Type Will Dictate the Type of Laser Treatment You Have

Not every laser for hair removal can be used on all skin types. In fact, many hair removal lasers are designed to target according to dark colors. Therefore, if you have dark hair on light colored skin, you should have no problem. But, if your skin is darker, you may need a more specialized form of laser treatment. The experts at the skincare clinic you choose can help you to make that determination.


Side Effects Can Happen After Laser Hair Removal

Although quite uncommon, there are some side effects that can happen after a laser hair removal procedure. Most of them are mild and temporary, but there is the potential for blisters or burns to occur. Your skin type may make you more or less prone to such side effects, but your clinician can discuss the possible risks with you and develop the best possible hair removal plan for you.


Laser Hair Removal Does Not Work Perfectly the First Time

Finally, keep in mind that one laser hair removal treatment is not likely to get rid of your unwanted hair for very long. It takes repeated treatments for hair follicles to be damaged enough to delay or prevent regrowth of the offending hairs. Therefore, you should factor repeated laser hair removal treatments into your budget and be prepared to spend the time to get the long-lasting hair removal results that you want.


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