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Taking in herbal medicine is something becoming more and more mainstream in American health as people look for an alternative to lab-made prescription pills from a pharmacy. More and more people are learning about the powers of herbs and their benefits, including the fact that they are an all natural and healthier way to consumer medicine. The supplement market in the USA was 28.1 billion dollars back in 2010 and is still growing as a market today. One other way to take an herb other than in pill form is to smoke it. That’s right, herbal cigarettes are an all natural way to inhale herbs without the tar, toxins, or risks of smoking tobacco cigarettes from the gas station. There are several inhalation delivery options such as hemp rolling papers  or any sort of herbal wrap which offer an all natural and plant-based option for containing the herbs whereas people can also visit a store to purchase pipes or glassware for consuming.

Smoking herbs happens to be something that has been commonplace around the world for thousands of years in religious ceremonies, for socialization purposes, or for the health benefits of certain plants. Some plants and their healing abilities include:

Hops – which have a calming effect on your body

Clove – which can help reduce your cravings for nicotine

Peppermint – an herb that can improve blood circulation

Ginger Root – can help with stomach cramps and indigestion

These aren’t nearly all the plants which have roots, leaves, and dried buds that can be turned into a powerful blend of oil, tea, pills, or even a mixture to smoke that can help you. Chamomile and Primrose are another to name a few which are commonly known for their presence in teas or even scented candles. Some herbal blends even contain dozens of herbs in one package.  

Of late, vaporizing the herbs has become a trend as well, offering a smokeless way to incorporate herbs into your supplement routine or for when you are looking for a quick relief from something like stomach problems or a headache. In short, a vaporizer loaded with a loose leaf mixture is sort of baking the plant and dehydrating it. What the quick drying of the leaves does is extract vapors which carry the healing effects of the plant.  When choosing to smoke or vaporize herbs, buyers can typically purchase cigarettes or disposable vaporizers full of herbal mixtures in leaf or oil that have been pre-measured and rolled. Many people simply opt to buy the herbal mixtures themselves or individual plants and smoke them in a wide variety of paraphernalia from the aforementioned hemp based rolling papers too a battery powered vaporized the size of a ballpoint pen.

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