Treating Neck Pain Using Active Physical Therapy

neck pain

Physical Activity

When one is physically active in athletes or sports, they are bound to experience injuries on various parts of the body. Shoulder pain, lower back pain, and neck pain are the most common types of pain experienced and treated by sports medicine physicians. In Ramsey, physical therapy is the most commonly used treatment method to treat these types of pains. When physical therapy is used in the treatment of neck pain, it assists in regaining the original strength and flexibility of the neck. Physical therapy entails the use of a varied set of exercises that work on the muscles surrounding the neck hence slowly regaining their strength with time. The type of exercise and their intensity can be changed depending on the physical condition of the neck or injured area. Additional exercises can also be included to exercise other body parts. A physical therapist is the ideal health expert to hire when you need proper treatment using active physical therapy. The active physical therapy helps the cervical spine muscles regain their strength, stability, and flexibility.

The main types of exercises performed during neck physical therapy include neck stretches and exercises, core and back strengthening exercises, and aerobics.

Neck stretches and exercises

These exercises include many stretches and intense exercising that is aimed at training the muscles directly attached to the cervical spine. Some of the main exercises performed include the chin tuck. The chin tuck involves looking directly forward, followed by straight pulling of the chin in a backward motion.

Core and back strengthening

Most often, when active physical therapy is prescribed as a treatment for neck pain improvement is needed on the functioning and strength of the neck. These exercises are also essential in strengthening the muscles surrounding the trunk, core muscles, and the back. All these muscles work in conjunction with each other to enhance body posture and offering spine support.

Core Body Strength Exercises

Aerobics are the main activities that help in strengthening the core muscles of the body. Aerobics are exercises that are aimed at increasing the level of blood flow, the breathing rate, heart rate and functionality of the lungs. The main types of low-intensity aerobic activities include swimming in snorkels and masks, walking briskly and cycling. Low aerobic exercises are those that lead to very slight body movement, especially around the neck region.

Aquatic exercises

These are exercises that are done inside a swimming pool or large water body. The large water surface buoyancy directs the pressure away from the spine while at the same time facilitating the movement of muscles. Aquatic exercises are highly recommended, especially for individuals suffering from neck pain that is accompanied by either back pain, shoulder pain or all of them. All these diverse types of active physical therapy exercises can be used at the different healing stages or combined to create a personalized treatment plan based on the patient’s desired therapy goals.

Complications or risks that might occur during active physical therapy

Active physical therapy is safest when performed under the keen supervision of a sports medicine physical therapist. There are still, however, some risks that might occur even under professional supervision such as worsening of the pain, stiffness, worsening of the injury. When a new set of exercises is introduced, it is normal for the body muscles to react by becoming a bit sore but after gradually adjusting the soreness wears off. Worsening of the injury is mainly caused by the use of improper techniques that cause an overload on the soft tissues and joints.

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