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CBD oil is gotten from the cannabis sativa plant. It boasts countless therapeutic benefits and used to treat conditions like epilepsy, anxiety, and even cancer, just to name a few. There’re numerous CBD oil products in the market, so it may seem a bit of a hassle to find quality product from reputable companies.

Everyone responds to CBD differently, so it’s good to try out different products by yourself and note any positive and negative reactions. Are you new to the world of CBD and looking for good products to try? Here are 5 top rated CBD oil to try:

 Sisters of the Valley CBD Infused Oil

This product is known to be a multipurpose CBD oil as it can help relieve pain and boost overall health condition. It contains hemp and essential oils, plus, it has a coconut oil base. For just $25 for 15ml bottle, it’s quite affordable which makes it an ideal option if you’re trying out CBD products for the first time and want to start with a low dose oil.

This product is made with strains of the hemp plant, developed to be rich in CBD with zero THC.


  • CBD potency ─ 130 milligrams (mg) per 15 ml bottle
  • Ingredients ─ hemp, essential oils, coconut oil, blood orange essential oil
  • Available flavor ─ unflavored

Lazarus Naturals high potency CBD tincture

This full-spectrum hemp extract and high potency product may help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and relax the muscles. It can also be used to boost your mood as well as help you manage feelings of anxiety.

Lazarus Naturals make use of hemp grown on Oregon farms. They’re committed to creating top-notch CBD products that are accessible to everyone. They have assistance programs for people who:

  • are veterans
  • have a long-term medical disability
  • have low income

All products are third-party tested for potency, heavy metal, and pesticide to ensure safety and consistency. This product should be taken orally and are available in three flavors such as French vanilla mocha, chocolate mint, and tropical breeze.


  • Cost ─ $35 for 15ml bottle
  • CBD potency ─ 750 mg per 15 ml bottle
  • Ingredients ─ Fractionated coconut oil, hemp extract, hempseed oil, natural flavors (for flavored products)

Mana artisan botanics hemp oil

This organic hemp product is infused either in MCT coconut oil or macadamia nut oil. It contains vanilla and turmeric.

This product will help promote overall well-being as well as improve mental clarity and focus. It is also known to combat the feeling of anxiety and depression. Some research has shown that it can also help to reduce physical symptoms, like muscle pain, inflammation, and arthritis.

The company is based in Hawaii and they utilize varieties of locally sourced natural Hawaiian ingredients in their products.


  • Cost ─ $75 for 30 ml bottle
  • CBD potency ─ 300 mg per 30 ml bottle
  • Available flavors ─ Macadamia, coconut
  • Ingredients ─ Hawaiian turmeric, organic coconut flavor, organic fair-trade vanilla bean, macadamia nut oil

Charlotte’s web full strength CBD oil

This product may help relieve pain, alleviate muscle and joint pain, support exercise recovery, and improve focus. This full-spectrum hemp oil extract can also help to calm your nerves as well as support a healthy night sleep.

This product should be taken orally. It comes in mint chocolate flavors and olive oil flavors, which are made from natural flavoring.

  • Cost ─ $39.99 for 30 ml bottle
  • CBD potency ─ 300 mg per 30 ml bottle
  • Ingredient ─ Hemp extract, oil, natural flavoring

 Eureka effects Full-spectrum CBD

Eureka CBD is designed to promote overall wellness. The full-spectrum oil contains cannabinoids and terpenes that may help alleviate depression, insomnia, and anxiety. It can also be used to treat chronic pain, asthma, and inflammation.


  • Cost ─ $39.99 for a 30 ml bottle
  • CBD potency ─ 500 mg per 30 ml bottle
  • Ingredients ─ Organic and unrefined hemp seed oil, Colorado hemp extract
  • Available flavors ─ unflavored

What to look out for when choosing a CBD oil

Opt for full-spectrum CBD oil instead of an isolate. CBD full-spectrum oil boast a variety of cannabinoids and original compounds found in hemp plant. This helps to magnify the health benefits of CBD.

All the above-listed products are full-spectrum oils. CBD full-spectrum oils include these compounds:

  • proteins
  • fatty acids
  • chlorophyll
  • fiber
  • flavonoids
  • terpenes

CBD oil is now sold everywhere and is not regulated by any drug agency. The manufacturer is responsible for quality control. It’s important to choose a reputable CBD company (like Elixinol) as many companies have been reported to sell ineffective drugs.

Final thoughts

Beware of companies that promise extreme results, and always keep in mind that results may differ. A product that worked perfectly well for your friend may not have the same effect on you. If a product doesn’t work for you, you should consider trying another product with different ingredients or CDB potency.

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