Top Kitchen Sink Brands to Watch For This Summer Season

Summer is coming; and as you wait for it, why not spruce up your kitchen with a top-ranking kitchen sink? 

In all honest, a kitchen sink often gets less credit than it’s due. But if you are serious about enjoying your time in the kitchen as you prepare meals and do your dishes, then you have to give serious thought to the kind of kitchen sink you will install. 

In particular, you will have to choose the right kitchen sink brand for best results. And so, let’s have a look at the leading kitchen sink brands for the upcoming summer season. 

1. Ruvati 

Products by this kitchen sink brand are often featured in best kitchen sinks lists, and for very compelling reasons. The way sinks by this brand are designed makes them more usable, more beautiful, and more durable. 

Many homeowners have become devout fans of this brand because it provides products that are easy to maintain despite the premium finishing and the charming aesthetics. 

An example is the RV8400, which has received a lot of positive feedback from users. The inspired designs linked to this brand are evident in popular sink models such as this. So, the popularity this kitchen sink brand enjoys is a lot more than just hype; the products it makes are really good. 


Those who know the KRAUS brand also know this happens to be among the most innovative kitchen sink brands here is. Case in point – the company has some great undermount kitchen sinks. 

The company also understands what many people expect of kitchen sinks; which explains why products by this brand often feature generous bowl sizes, lasting performance and brilliant aesthetics that will perfectly complement your kitchen’s décor. 

The KRAUS KHU100-30, for instance, has an innovative design that will instantly give your kitchen a premium look. Believe it or not, despite these high quality products, the company was only established in 2007. 

3. Blanco

When it comes to creating unique products, Blanco is one of the best options at your disposal. Blanco has been in the sink making business 1925. In that time, the company has obviously mastered a few things or two about making the kind of sinks buyers want. 

Even today, the company is constantly making new kitchen sink designs that are generating a lot of positive buzz among buyers for their incredible features. 

For instance, the Blanco 441285 is both heat and acid resistant, and its really easy to clean. Sinks by this brand often feature brilliant and practical designs that make them durable, more versatile, and better looking. 

4. Kohler 

Kitchen sinks are considered simple and basic installations, but Kohler regularly pushes the boundaries of innovativeness to create highly versatile sinks that win the hearts of many homeowners. 

For instance, the K-5540-NA comes with accessories such as a colander, a soak bin and even a chopping which can be used comfortably when placed over the sink. 

The brand makes premium products that will give you true value for your money, although the price of some of its products might be well over what an average person might expect. 

5. Firebird

This company may not be a seasoned kitchen sink brand, but it has proven its mettle through high quality products that are also incredibly affordable. 

Firebird is able to offer very competitive prices on its products without any compromises in quality. This has made sinks by this brand some of the best in the market. Friendly pricing has not kept this brand from being a top kitchen sink brand, as is usually the norm. 

There are plenty of things to consider when buying a sink, and brand is without a doubt one of the main factors to take into consideration. 

With some brands, you are always assured of getting a quality product that gives you true value for your money; and above are top kitchen brands that perfectly fit this description. Be sure to watch out for products from these brands this summer. 

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