Top Features of a Good Herbal Vaporizer


When you’re looking for a dry herb vaporizer, you want to make sure that you have all of the essential features covered. Not all vaporizers are the same, and the best dry herb vaporizer for one person may not be the same for every user. If you’re not sure of the features to look for, these are the top ones that are important to users. 

  1. Portability

This is important if you want to take the vaporizer with you. Usually, this means you need something that is small enough to fit in your pocket, but size may depend on your lifestyle. It’s also crucial that you have an ergonomic grip without feeling like it’s bothering you. Usually, vaporizers come in a shape that’s round and cylindrical or long and wide so try out both sizes before buying.

  1. Temperature Control

Being able to change the temperature on the vape pen is going to be an essential feature. Not all herbs require the same temperature as some are moist and others are on the dry side. Having a moist herb blend means that you will need a higher temperature while a dry blend will require only a low temperature. These factors can play a role in quality. 

  1. Battery Life

Having a unit that lasts for a significant amount of time is important for most users. You don’t want to have to continue charging the vape between each use. Also, if you go to the beach or the mountains for a trip, you may not be able to charge it easily. Keep in mind that some units allow you to change the batteries while others require a charge. Having the ability to change the batteries is a more flexible option and may be more important for you.

  1. Air Flow

Whatever unit you purchase, make sure that it has an open air path. Usually, ceramic or glass are the best options as they are safe and ideal. Having good air flow will give you more potent vapor. It also helps to prevent any problems with clogging. Make sure to review this area of the vaporizer before purchasing.

  1. Display

You want to be able to check out the vape info on an LED or LCD display. Some devices allow you to view the temperature level and battery level so that you know when you need to recharge. This is a feature that you want on your vaporizer so review the display. Also, make sure that the display is easy to read. Not all have LED displays that can be seen without difficulty so you’ll want to review the display closely.

These five features are not the only ones that play an essential role, but they are the primary features to look for. Whether you’re purchasing a vaporizer for the first time or need a replacement, use this list. You may be quite surprised to know that there is a huge difference in quality when it comes to vaporizers.

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