Top 8 Activities for an Adrenaline Junkie Squad

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If you are a group of friends that have an eye for adventure, then you are in the right place. Adrenaline is the hormone in the body for excitement. Adrenaline junkie activities are those that excite the heart, making them the most memorable experience you could have in your life. If this is your kind of scene, then you are in the right palace. Get your gear on, put on those custom false lashes, and let’s dive into the activities that will keep your spirits high. 

Sky Diving 

What better way to bring that thrill than sky diving? Sky diving involves jumping out of an aircraft, which could be an airplane or a helicopter. You all board the aircraft, and it goes up some meters above the ground. You then jump from this height with a parachute on your back.  The sceneries you will see are breathtaking and unforgettable. You will need an instructor with you to guide you on what to do. You and your friends can even hold hands while floating in the air. 


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Bungee Jumping 

Bungee jumping entails jumping from a very high area towards the ground. The bungee jumper is attached to a stable rope tied on their ankles. These ropes prevent them from hitting the ground. It is a very thrilling activity, especially since you are going against gravity. Not everybody dares to attempt, but if you and your squad can try, then it will forever be in your most cherished memories. 



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Mountain Bike Riding 

Riding a bike is not the most thrilling activity, but if you do it in the mountains, it takes it to a whole new level. The mountain’s layout is unpredictable, meaning there will be areas where it’s sloppy others will be hard to climb. Riding a bike on such terrain will raise your adrenaline for sure. You can compete to reach the bottom of the mountain to make the game even more thrilling. 

When riding a bike, ensure you have all the safety gears such as MX goggles and headgears to prevent any injury in case of an accident. 

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Rafting is a water sport that involves using an unsinkable boat through a rough river or water body. The purpose is to be rocked around by the water currents and other forces. Rafting requires a team, meaning your squad could have the best experience trying rafting. You and your team will have to be in communication to navigate and direct the boat on the right path. It is an exciting activity to try during your vacation.


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Jet Ski

If you are a lover of water, then jet skiing is the perfect fit for you. Do your homework and find a good jet ski resort that offers premium services such as quality jet skis, a jet ski dock, and personal protection gears. Jet skiing involves riding on a jet ski on a water body; a jet ski is like a motorboat, meaning it can go to very high speeds. For more adventure, you can organize a competition among your friends to see the fastest among you.


Paragliding is a sport where a canopy is attached to a person to glide through the air after jumping from a high point. The canopy looks like a parachute, but it is wider. The shape of the canopy allows wind to push you from one point to the nest. The attachment to the person is usually very strong, preventing any accidents from occurring. Like the activities, it is a thrilling sport to engage in if you are not afraid of heights. 



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Cage Diving 

Cage diving is simply diving in a cage. You put on the appropriate diving gear and enter a cage. The cage is then lowered deep into the sea, so you get a chance to see underwater life in action. Most cage diving involves watching water predators like sharks. The cages have been made with very strong and stable material to prevent sharks and other predators. You get to enjoy the view of the ocean firsthand. 

Join a Rally Driving 

Rally driving is driving a car with the highest achievable speed through a dirt path to get the lowest time in record. It is practiced all over the world in various countries. You can have a competition to see who among you is the better driver. For an even better adventure, save money in advance and go for a safari rally. It is an adventurous idea since you will be driving through the wild with wild animals in sight. This idea should be on your bucket list if it’s not.

Source: Photo by M. R. on Unsplash


Having friends who have the same sense of adventure as you is the best gift life can offer. Making memories together is what friends do, and if your squad is an adrenaline junkie, then these activities mentioned above are the perfect fit for your crew. You can make a schedule where you try one out after another and feel the thrill it brings. These activities are best done during vacations and holidays where all of you are free from engagements and ready to have some fun. 

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