Tips For Natural Beauty

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When you think of someone that’s a natural beauty, a youthful appearance may come immediately to mind. You might also picture a gorgeous woman with a head of silver hair and a beautiful smile. Whether you first notice someone’s skin, eyes, or teeth – those three features seem to be the standards for making someone naturally attractive (in the physical sense anyway). If you’re struggling to maintain these features in a way that makes you feel happy, comfortable, and confident, here’s a list of easy things you can do to regain and maintain your own natural beauty. 

What’s Inside Matters Most 

First, it has to be said that how we feel inside is directly visible in our outer physical appearance. The initial step you have to make towards natural beauty is feeling beautiful about yourself and who you are. Self-love can be achieved through work on mindfulness and your physical health. Try journaling to record things that you love about yourself and things on which you want to work. Setting goals and working hard to achieve them goes great distances in self-love. If you feel that your issues are not able to be entirely conquered on your own, there is nothing wrong with seeking a therapist to help you work through things you may be dealing with. Whichever way you get to the place of loving and accepting yourself doesn’t matter, so long as you prioritize getting there. 

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Grooming and Hygiene

They seem like basic principles that we learn as children – brushing our teeth and hair, showering, and cleaning our bodies. But, when life’s hectic schedule and the chaos of the day-to-day happens, sometimes we accidentally throw these by the wayside. So, here is a gentle reminder to maintain proper grooming. You need to keep your finger and toenails trimmed and cleaned; if it’s within your budget, consider going to a salon bi-weekly or monthly to get your manicure and pedicure done professionally. You should also be getting your hair trimmed or styled every eight weeks if you’re a woman and twice a month as a man. When you look your best, you feel your best, so budget money to keep these critical appointments. Also, it goes without saying never to neglect your dental hygiene and see your dentist twice a year for annual cleanings and checkups, and doing these things go great distances in keeping your natural beauty glowing

Skin Health is Wealth 

If you ask most women what the best compliment they’ve ever received on their physical appearance is, it almost always has to do with being complimented on their skin. Ensure you’re doing the basic skincare routines of cleaning your face both morning and night to remove impurities and minimize pores. You also want to curate important morning and nighttime routines to maximize the serums and creams you invest money in. If you wear makeup, be sure to never, ever sleep with your makeup on. These clog pores, causing a host of skin issues; they can even break or shorten your beautiful eyelashes, which are the frames of your eyes. It is also worth working with a dermatologist to target any skin concerns you may have that you’re unable to take care of on your own. Seeing a dermatologist annually not only works for natural beauty upkeep, but it can also be a screening and first line of defense against potential skin cancers. When it comes to skin, never skimp on your SPF either. You should be wearing an SPF every single day (no matter the season) to protect yourself from the sun’s potentially harmful UV rays. 

Let Thy Food Be Thy…

Let your food be the first defense against maintaining your natural beauty. Remember, what we put into our bodies affects us on a literal cellular level. When we eat overly processed foods that our bodies don’t recognize, we don’t give it very much time left over to do the restorative work it needs to keep us looking and feeling our best. That’s why implementing a whole foods-based diet and not consuming overly processed foods goes great lengths in keeping you looking your best. Also, it’s never a bad idea to supplement where you need to, no matter how healthy your diet. Whether that’s melatonin to get more beauty rest or biotin gummies to help your skin and hair health, talk with your doctor and figure out which supplements will compliment you best. 

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