Tips for Cooling Your Pet This Summer

>> Haircuts

Have your pet’s coat trimmed. Not only does this cut down on shedding (and cut down on your vacuuming), but it also cools your pet by reducing the added weight of their additional fur.

>> Hydrate!

Make sure your pets have access to water at all times. If you’ll be gone from home for a while, leave a few ice cubes in your pet’s dish to keep the water cool, too. Remember, though, too much water may cause an upset stomach. If possible, monitor how much water your pet is drinking.

>> Cold treats

Giving your pet cold treats can help them cool down. You can even chill their food in the refrigerator or cooler for added heat-relief. Did you know there’s chicken-flavored gelatin? What dog wouldn’t enjoy a bite of that?

>> Water spritz

Spritzing your pet with cool water also helps them beat the heat.

>> Wading pools

A small, child-size wading pool is an excellent way to keep your dog cool. Just keep in mind to put the pool in the shade.

>> Shade

As simple as it sounds, keeping your pet in the shade can be an easy thing to forget and difficult to do. Dogs often times just won’t relax! If you’re out at the park, cabin, or watching a parade, try to find a shady place to let Rover rest for a while. To keep Fido entertained, try giving him or her a toy or a special treat.

>> Fans

If you can’t keep your pet in an air-conditioned home, keep shades drawn over windows during the day and set up some fans. This keeps air circulating around your home.

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  1. I have a havanese and they need their coat it not only keeps them warm but cools them as well. A short cut could also cause her to sunburn her hair is protection. Be sure to get specific information on your breed of dog.

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