Thyroid disease in men and how it manifests – What you need to be aware of

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When it comes to Thyroid disease, women are more prone to getting it than men. That doesn’t mean however those people are immune to it or that they don’t get it at all. In fact, there’s quite a large number of men that have to deal with this unpleasant situation. Hashimoto’s is a disease that develops a lot based on hormones, and hormones play a major role in how this disease takes form. There are many sources where you can learn about it, like thyroid pharmacist, or you could ask dr nandi. In this article, however, we are looking at some of the most important things to be aware of when it comes to Hashimoto’s in men.

Hormones play a huge role, and also a different type of role

In men, hormones play a different role regarding Hashimoto’s development.  In men, hormones are thought to have a defensive role, and therefore they are in charge of protection against such diseases. Men that have a low testosterone are much more likely to develop Hashimoto’s.

Extra symptoms for people with Hashimoto’s

There is a list of symptoms that define how this disease takes form in the body. However, when men have it, that list grows bigger. There are many new additions to the list of symptoms. The usual symptoms of the disease are weight gain, fatigue, cold and lots of others. Alongside these symptoms, men also get new ones such as a low libido, high cholesterol and a bunch of others like depression and losing executive function. People with Hashimoto’s see a decrease in morning erections but also find it very difficult to grow facial hair.

Men can get Hashimoto’s from a lack of Selenium

It states that a possible cause for Hashimoto’s is, in fact, a lack of Selenium. Selenium deficiency can contribute and even trigger the disease, but studies have not been definitive on the matter. There are conflicting theories regarding the benefits of Selenium when trying to combat the disease. There are also side changes to this potential benefit, such as an increased number of deaths in men with prostate cancer.

Guys can pass on Hashimoto’s with high percentile

Unfortunately, studies have shown that a continued percentage of people with Hashimoto’s have also given birth to children with the same disease. In other words, it has done found many times that people whose fathers had the condition have also suffered from Hashimoto’s. That can be quite inconvenient, to put it lightly, as there is no real way around this. It is fairly essential for that reason to get tested soon if you have male parents that suffer or have suffered from Hashimoto’s because chances of the disease occurring spread to children questions very high.

Low testosterone is a pretty big problem

Low testosterone in men is in itself a pretty big concern, but even more so as it can be the defining factor in a man getting Hashimoto’s. It can be a direct result while getting it, but also a trigger. Men have the option in most cases to undergo a hormone treatment which could normalize hormone levels and thus provide a fighting chance against the disease.

While Hashimoto’s is more predominant in women, men also get back-considered, and due to how hormones work differently for men and girls, there are also new effects and conditions that need to move carried into account.

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