Things You Must Know Before You Undertake A Lasik Eye Surgery

The Lasik surgery is minor eye surgery to correct common eye refractive vision problems. This minor surgery can be life-changing. It helps to permanently change the shape of the cornea. Generally, Lasik is done to improve vision and reduce the need for wearing glasses or lens. The following are the things you must know before going for the Lasik surgery.

Research About Your Surgeon

Before you settle for a particular surgeon, you need to conduct a little research. Know if the surgeon is experienced, certified by the board of ophthalmologist. Enquire about the surgeon’s success and complication rate in doing Lasik.  Know if the surgeon will serve you even after the surgery in case something comes up.

What Is Your Refractive Error?

You must know what eye problems you have before the procedure is done. If you have myopic (short-sightedness) you may repeat the procedure more than once. Your surgeon should explain your chances for refinement. He should explain to you how long does Lasik last after surgery.

Follow the Surgeon Instructions

You must follow the doctor’s instructions before and after the surgery. Most doctors request you not to wear any makeup or contact lens prior to the surgery. You should stop wearing the contact lens 2 weeks before the scheduled date for the surgery. This is because lenses disfigure the shape of your cornea and it may affect the effectiveness of the surgery. Make-up may cause an infection to the eye after surgery

Perfection Is Not Guaranteed

There is no guarantee that you will achieve a perfect vision after the LASIK. Some patients may enjoy an improved vision without the glasses. If a doctor says they can only guarantee 20/20 vision improvement. You need to look for another doctor.

It Is Not For Everybody

Check with your doctor to know if you are eligible for the surgery. It cannot be performed on people with severe eye dryness, some eye conditions, and corneal diseases. If you cannot have this surgery, request the doctor for the alternative eye correction procedures. There are few other eye correction procedures you can do.

What Are the Risks Involved

This is a minor surgical procedure with more than 96% success. However, this is a surgery just like any other with possible risks. The doctor should analyze the possible risks involved with the surgery. You must know these risks before the surgery. Possible problems that may arise are, under correction or overcorrection of the cornea, keeping the cornea off center, an inflammation or infection that can leave you worse than before.

Fully Awake

You must know that you will be fully awake during the procedure. This should not come as a surprise to you.

Understand ThePost Surgery Care

You must have adequate information about post-surgery eye care. You must use the prescribed eye drops as per the instructions for quick corneal recovery. Know the amount of time you should wait before using make-up or engaging in sports.

What Are The Benefits Of LASIK

  • It is not painful
  • To most Patients, the vision is substantially improved. 95% of the patients have improved vision by 20/40. 85% of the patients go back to 20/20 poor vision.
  • Patients can return to normalcy after 24 hours. No stitches or bandages required.
  • Most patients will no longer depend on glasses after the surgery.
  • You can make adjustments after the surgery years later as you grow older.
  • Although this procedure is a bit costly, you will save a substantial amount of money in the long run from saving money on regular changing of glasses and lens.



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