The Top 6 Mistakes in Travel Photography You Should Avoid Committing


You return with great enthusiasm for your last trip, wishing to share with your family and friends everything you have seen. You are greatly impressed and have lots of images both in your memory card and in online photo storage.

You show them these images, and you realize that they are getting bored so much that after twenty pictures they do not try to disguise anymore. You tried to share them on social networks, and you spend hours stuck to the screen waiting for many “likes”, but you get a disappointment. 

What happens? If the place was wonderful, then why are people not fascinated with your photos? You must have fallen for some common mistakes travel photographers make.

Bellow are some typical travel photography mistakes you should avoid at all cost.

#1: Carrying Excessive Photographic Baggage

Although it’s important you have good equipment with you while on your trip, including a variety of objectives, accessories and others. However, it is also very important to go light on luggage. The quality of the images is important, but the essence of the place you travel to is much more so. 

If you have to drag a suitcase only for the photographic equipment, you will be more concerned with changing objectives and readjusting parameters than capturing the magic of the place. 

Better take a standard lens, with which you feel comfortable and another of your favorites, according to the type of photography that you like to make. With basic equipment, you will be able to move better and pass more unnoticed.

#2: Not Interacting with The Locals

Maybe you are just shy, but if you interact with them, you can get more information about the place. Also, if you want to portray them, they will lend themselves more easily, and you can avoid some other problem. 

Not everyone likes to be photographed, and some may feel very offended according to the culture. So, you need to learn how to make friends.

Photography is not the only goal of the trip. You can as well learn some phrases in a new language.

#3: Capturing Postcards Instead of Moments

This is one of the most typical. We are obsessed with photographing that monument or that landscape that appears in all the magazines, TV or on the Internet. But instead of getting a lot of typical postcards, buy them while you devote yourself to capture the life of that place and the soul of its people. And if you want an image of the typical monument, try to look for another angle or perspective.

#4: Not Having a Proper Plan for The Trip

And I do not mean flight schedules, accommodation, etc. I’m talking about planning the places of interest you want to visit. What they offer, what you would like to photograph, how they have photographed others before you, and what are the best times of the day to do it. 

Investigate whether or not you can take pictures indoors, and if you can use flash. All those details you have at your fingertips with that powerful tool called the Internet, are you going to waste it?

#5: Forgetting the Importance of Light

Even though it’s possible to do some magic with post-process if you have a good photo editor, you still need to remember this fact.

Each place can have its magic moment according to the incidence of light, but there are some “rules” that work for everyone.

The best hours of light for photography are at sunrise and sunset; this is a golden rule that we must not forget. 

Another question to keep in mind regarding light is that if we want to make nighttime photography of some interesting place and we do not want the sky to be completely dark, we have an hour since the sun goes down to capture an attractive sky. Which is why it’s important you plan and know the hours of the sun 

#6: Staying in The Tourist “Epicenter”

If you stay in all the tourist center, you lose the essence of the place. The facades will be full of commercial brands or restaurants of clowns or kings of the hamburger, there will be an agglomeration of tourists, and the only locals you will find will be those who dedicate themselves to cater to the traveler. 

So, stroll until you are far away from the crowd. Find the corners with more charm, shoot the people who live there, the typical shops; that is the essence of your trip, remember?


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