The process of alcohol detox

alcohol detox

Addiction to the consumption of alcohol can have a major negative effect on a person’s life, yet there are many people out there who are still not able to quit drinking. Having to quit drinking is an important decision and should come from within. It does not survive if the decision is imposed on the person. The day that person realizes that he is missing out on the good parts of the life due to this habit, he would want to quit, and the motivation of it would also be strong enough to help him go about it for that matter, and after that, the alcohol detox is just as important.

Importance of detoxifying the body

When a person starts to drink alcohol, their bodies build tolerance of it and to get that very feeling and effect back; the people start drinking more and more. After some time and realization, when they decide that they would quit drinking and they do quit it. The body does not get alcohol, and with the absence of it in their body, their body goes into shock mode.

  • Then there might be withdrawal symptoms and seizures followed by severe headaches and fever. Many people have been seen to start shaking and have a high heartbeat because of that.
  • They all need alcohol detox so that their body can be cleaned of all the bad stuff and they can lead a healthy life and stay happy like all other people out there as well.
  • Alcohol detox being professional is the best idea because these people are trained, and they know how to handle the patients with a specific withdrawal symptom compared to trying it at home.
  • It can be deadly and needs proper observation when the alcohol detox is carried out, and so the alcohol detox centers are the place for it.

Two ways of detoxifying the body

Cold turkey

  • The first way of having the body detoxified is going cold turkey. Cold turkey means that the person quits drinking all at once.
  • There are many disadvantages to this type of detox, and that is because of the thing that it is very dangerous for the person.
  • And also the fact that there are chances that when a person is that hard on himself, there are chances that he would relapse, that is start drinking again in some time.


  • By gradually lowering the doses.
  • That is the way through which the body does not quite detoxify completely for a long time as the person does not quit smoking but lowers the amount that he was used to consuming for that matter.

What is medical detox?

  • However, at the alcohol rehabilitation centers, there is a process called the medical detox.
  • That is where the patients are monitored 24/7 to ensure that while they go through the time with all the withdrawal symptoms, they do not relapse.
  • That also makes sure that the body of these people is detoxified completely when they leave the rehabilitation center.

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