The Powerful History of Essential Oil

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While essential oils have been all the rage recently in natural medicine, that doesn’t mean they’re new. Essential oils date back centuries, and they’ve been used around the world. These oils pack a powerful punch. They’re known to heal even the most complex of medical concerns down to the everyday ailments.

Have you tried essential oils for yourself? If not, you’re missing out on centuries of healing power. High-quality oils like those from Essential Oil Haven are known for their abilities to fight diseases, purify the body, and even clear the mind. Let’s take a closer look into the powerful history behind the essential oils you know and love.

What Are Essential Oils?

First, let’s explain what essential oils are exactly in case you’re new to this branch of natural medicine. According to Healthline, essential oils are concentrated plant extracts. These extracts, or oils, retain the natural smell and flavor of the plant they’re from.

These oils are used for everything from healing the body to cleaning the house or even cooking. They can be inhaled, rubbed into the skin (only when diluted), or even cooked into food. There are many different types of essential oils, many of which you’ve probably heard of like lemon, peppermint, chamomile, and tea tree oil.

The First Essential Oil Users

While essential oils were likely used in some form in pre-historic times, it’s hard to know exactly what these were used for. The first recorded use is from Egypt over 3000 years ago. This was the first large-scale culture to adopt essential oils for things like cosmetology, herbal preparation, and even perfumes.

From Egypt, these oils spread to India, Greece, and Rome. It was the Romans who began to use essential oils for their healing system known as ayurvedic medicine, one of the oldest medical systems still in use today.

One of the most influential books about essential oils was Nicholas Culpeper’s “The Complete Herbal” which was written in 1653. In this book, Culpeper describes the many medical uses for these oils and how they create remedies. Believe it or not, essential oils were even used at this time as a way to fight off the bubonic plague.

Essential Oils Today

Thousands of years after essential oils were first depicted on the walls of caves, essential oils are still used today as a form of modern medicine. In World War II, essential oils were used to treat soldiers. In the late 90s, essential oils became one of the most popular alternative health treatments. It’s clear to say these natural herbs are here to stay.

Today, essential oils are used in aromatherapy as well as other skin treatments as a way to boost health. While we now have a better understanding of the many health benefits of essential oils, it’s interesting to look into the history of this natural healer. From massage oil to specialty teas, there’s a lot we can thank our ancestors for when it comes to herbology and natural medicine. Before modern medical knowledge, essential oils were nature’s medicine.

Luckily, our oils are better than ever in this day and age. They’re produced now in highly concentrated quantities, so you only need a drop or so to reap the powerful benefits. This makes essential oils one of the most practical, cost-effective medical treatments available, and you can use them in your own home.

Try essential oils for yourself to see how powerful they really are. They’re known for their anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antiparasitic properties, and they truly make a difference when used properly. Join a part of history with your own collection of at-home essential oils.

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