The Original Pickle Shot

2021 06 15 Pickle Shot 0297

The Original Pickle Shot®  started as a great idea between friends Justin Acita and Brittney Acita, owners of Pickles Pub in Ocean City, MD, and the brand’s current co-founder and president, John King. Through trial and error at Pickles Pub, the owners sought to give their customers the best possible pickle shot experience, seeking out the perfect brine infusion and ultimately adding a handcrafted, small batch vodka to create The Original Pickle Shot®. Since its inception in 2018, over 150,000 Original Pickle Shots are served annually at Pickles Pub. 

Taking shape in a rapidly growing $12 billion dollar industry, The Original Pickle Shot® quickly became a cult favorite with distribution rapidly increasing from 50 locations in 2020, to more recently 6,000+ locations in 2022. The Original Pickle Shot® is typically consumed as a shot, served ice cold. However, founders also recommend it as the main ingredient in a martini, or even better, a Bloody Mary. Several cocktail recipes can be found on their website. 

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