Drinking 4 Cups of This Juice Everyday Can Shrink Tumors And REVERSE Cancer

Monday mornings are a lethargic struggle for most people—a time when we try to hold on to our weekend adventures and resist the overwhelming stress of the upcoming week.

But for Sonia Terboss, one particular Monday morning was a day to create, test, and inspire.

On that day, Sonia—the founder of Spajuicebar, an organic juice company that offers unique combinations of body-benefitting juices—presented her newest creation to a client. The new juice includes ingredients such as yams (for joint health), oranges (for energy), and ginger, among others. Although taste is key—and this one is downright delicious—Sonia’s goal is much broader.

“I want people to find their inner light, find their power,” she says. “I think juicing creates confidence.”

The concept of a juice cleanse has seen a recent surge in popularity, but Sonia’s interest in juicing didn’t stem from the idea that everyone else was doing it: She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and began juicing to battle the disease.

“I didn’t really know what to expect,” she says. “I just knew that it was good for my body, and I needed to boost my immune system.”

Turning to books she’d hung on to for more than a decade, Sonia discovered a simple recipe by juicing pioneer N. W. Walker—spinach and carrot juice, which is known for its cleansing benefits. She knew she needed to cleanse her body (particularly her colon and liver), so she began drinking 64 ounces of the stuff every day.

Family, friends, and hospital staff soon started complimenting Sonia on her radiant skin and healthy hair, telling her that whatever she was doing, she should keep up the good work. She was surprised, noting that the only thing she had been doing differently was juicing—and that she had no intention to stop.

As she prepared for her lumpectomy, Sonia made another shocking discovery. Prior to the procedure, her doctor confirmed it: Sonia’s tumor had, in fact, shrunk! Then, when she underwent radiation therapy, Sonia was instructed not to take any vitamins; however, she continued juicing, and she credits that raw source of vitamins to her healing. Instead of store-bought supplements, she received the freshest and purest forms of vitamins out there—straight from her juices.

For Sonia, juice became more than just a beverage—it became a source of energy, therapy, and empowerment. It became a lifestyle. Spajuicebar formed out of Sonia’s desire to make these dynamic drinks readily available to others seeking to make a lifestyle change. She officially launched the company in March of this year, with a focus on educating people about the healing nutrients contained within juices, as well as offering them a product that can provide these nutrients.

Sonia considers 32 ounces of daily juice consumption the threshold for this practice to be considered a “lifestyle”—but whether your goal is to adopt the juicing lifestyle or simply do a three-day cleanse, it’s important to prepare your body for the detox process. She suggests focusing on whole foods, fruits, and veggies while limiting meat intake. Once you start the juice routine, your system won’t be as shocked by the increase in nutrients and the lack of solid foods.

A person’s palate actually changes after adopting a regular juicing habit, Sonia says—so don’t feel too pressured to give up those cupcakes and potato chips. The body will naturally tell you to stop eating processed foods because they simply won’t taste good anymore. Sweet and salty cravings will stop, with minimal willpower required.

“You’re so in tune to your body that your body takes over,” Sonia explains. “Your body says, ‘I don’t want that.’”

As a juicer, Sonia lives by an important motto: “Count nutrients, not calories.” The body needs natural forms of sugar and sodium, so as long as you keep the processed foods out of your diet, these nutrients—when found in live foods—will actually provide great benefits and even help you live a longer, healthier life.

“Juicing balances you, so you’re not underweight and you’re not overweight,” Sonia says. “You’re right where you’re supposed to be.”

Check out her Monday-morning creation—the anti-inflammatory energy-booster called “Cyboog,” an acronym for its ingredients—and learn more about Sonia and her juices at spajuicebar.com.

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