The Importance of Earning a Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree (DNP)


What is a DNP– It is a terminal nursing degree, which is the highest level of education in this field. Although the curriculum of DNP varies according to different institutions, generally, it includes diagnostic, advanced practice and treatment of diseases. Most DNP programs specialize in areas such as support nursing leadership, data-driven decision making, quality improvement and system management. You should note that DNP is different from other terminal degrees such as PhD, Nursing Doctorate and Doctor of Nursing Science. The difference is that DNP aims at delivering practice-based training on clinical operations at a higher nursing level, while the rest focus on research skills and higher level specialty skills.

Who is qualified for DNP– Most institutions, admit students with Master Degree in Nursing or a PhD. But, there are a few institutions who admit students with an undergraduate Nursing Degree. But for undergraduate students, it might take them a bit longer to earn the DNP degree.

What is the Importance of DNP Degree?

The modern day healthcare system requires nurses to have scientific knowledge, leadership skills, outcome measurement and assure patients of positive outcomes. There is a high demand for doctoral-educated nurses. This means there are more opportunities with this degree with less competition.

 So with this degree, you might become a practice nurse leader, such as a manager, director or an executive nurse. You can also start your own practice. It enables you develop critical thinking skills which is necessary for the industry. In addition, you can teach junior nurses in colleges and universities.

Can You Study DNP Online?

There are many institutions that offer online DNP training. Most of them offer both full time and part time programs. Therefore, you need to pick an online DNP program that suits you. The program you pick will determine how long you will take to complete your degree. Mostly, if you take full online DNP program it will take you at least two years to finish the degree. If you study part time, it will take you an average of four to five years to complete the degree.

If you opt for an online DNP program, you need to be self-motivated and disciplined. Ensure you understand the kind of online program you will be attending. Some programs may entail live online class attendance, with peer interactions and assignments. Also, there are instances where, your professors pre-record the classes and you can go through them at your own convenient time. Some online programs requires you study independently on your own.  Also, there are a few classes that will require physical meetings. Before you enroll for an online DNP program, make sure you understand how they work and select the one that is suitable for you.

Undertaking a Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree is a good career move. It does not only benefit you, but the entire healthcare environment. It helps ensure that highest standards in health care are met. Find an online DNP program that best suits your schedule.

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