The Health Benefits of Flowers

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To most people, a bouquet of flowers is a sign of love, sympathy or gratitude. Many people choose to place a colorful, fragrant arrangement in a prominent position within their property to add a little beauty or interest to their rooms. However, few know that there are also many health benefits that may help to improve overall well-being, both physically and mentally – and some of the benefits may surprise you!

Purer air, healthier living

Most plants in the natural world play an important part in keeping the air around us pure and toxin-free, and flowering plants are no exception. As everybody agrees, human behavior has caused considerable pollution which has a negative impact on our health and well-being; this is true even within the home where the use of cleaning products and other sprays contaminate the air, increasing the potential for breathing-related disorders, such as asthma, nasal inflammation or coughs, or skin complaints. Purer air, filtered by nature’s own products, helps to reduce the risk of these health problems.

A calmer mind

In a world in which life’s stresses often seem to weigh down on us, it is easy to succumb to the pressures; a rise in mental health conditions, such as stress, anxiety and depression, is sadly unsurprising. Flower therapy is a well-established method that help to improve mental well-being. A beautiful arrangement, strategically positioned for maximum exposure, such as in a prominent place in the lounge where you spend your evening after a long day’s work, can help to increase positive feelings that you’d associate with receiving a bouquet to mark a happy occasion. Alternatively, a gentle walk through the local park can promote calmness and quickly relieve stress – consider how effective this could be during a lunch break from the office, for example! Colors are important as some help to stimulate the mind: the purple petals of freesia, violets or anemone, for example, transmit serenity and peace. Choosing the right varieties and colors is therefore important to create the desired effect.

Moist, supple skin

To improve the condition of your skin you can apply a range of expensive oils and lotions purchased from a cosmetics shop; alternatively, you could invest in some cost-effective and beautiful flowers which naturally release moisture into the air which is essential for avoiding dry skin. Lavender is a perfect example of a flower which will help you to maintain excellent skin condition. Consider placing an arrangement at home in the rooms where you spend most time, but also in the workplace, particularly if it is air-conditioned as this will cause your skin to dry out more quickly.

Give your brain a workout!

Being healthy isn’t simply about keeping fit and warding off illness: a sharp mind will help you to stay alert and quick-thinking, even in later years. Rosemary, for example, is believed to improve the memory while certain colors have specific benefits: reds are linked to better concentration and attention to details while blues promote creative thinking. Simply having flower arrangements in your daily environment can stave off boredom and increase productivity.

Flowers have the ability to greatly improve our physical and mental health, so it makes perfect sense to surround yourself with your favorites both at home and at work, so that you can reap the benefits of these beautiful and dazzling creations.

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