The complex web of mental health in a modern age

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Historically, mental health has had a stigma attached to it. For as long as there have been discussions about mental health, there has been a prejudice surrounding the effects of an individual’s mental state on their psyche and their whole health. This is a certainty that is not only uncomfortable to come to terms with, but it is also incredibly frightening to fully realize. While honest and open discussion surrounding the topic is beginning to become more widely practiced, the stigma refuses to dissipate, and the consequences are becoming increasingly dangerous.

Now, this new modern age demands more respect and more accountability for the global epidemic that is fractured mental health. More and more often, we are seeing the introduction and further development of not only traditional therapies and medical prescriptions, but some new age treatments that have what some consider to be an outlandish focus. TMS, for example, is a non-traditional treatment that is angled towards patients that have double conforming to their regular therapies. When people ask the question, “what is TMS?”, they are often given the answer when they attend their first treatment session.

Here is the thing. Regardless of what type of treatment an individual wants to seek for their struggles, the goal is always the same: to get back to an abundantly healthy state of mind. The thing about maintaining our whole health is that we often forget about our mental health in favor of our physical health. One reason that this is an ongoing finding is that an individual’s physical health can sometimes be visually apparent. Of course, there are certain physical health issues that are internal, or present no visual symptoms. But while physical health can be visually apparent, mental health is not.

And this is where the problem begins to sprout out of control. Being mentally strong is crucial to our longevity and overall happiness, but at the heart of it all what mental health is really dependent on is an individual’s perspective on the world around them. It is important to note that this personal perspective is not always in a person’s control, but alas it is critically important. Our psyche is largely focused on the ebb and flow of our mental state at any given time, and because the nature of our mentality is that it is always shifting, finding an adequate balance is more important than anything else.

Our mental health has a significant impact on what we think, how we feel, and what we do. Because of the innate grasp that mental health has on our lifestyle, diet and quality of life, we are finding more and more in this modern era that we are in a position of having to take the utmost care of it. This is something that has not always been done, and because of our previous ignorance or lack of awareness, mental health struggle has become a global crisis. The time for action was yesterday, but we can (and we must) start now.

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