The Best Homeopathic Medicines for Athletes

Whether you’re exercising regularly to enhance cognitive performance or because you’re a professional athlete, you will probably sustain an injury, or at least tire your muscles. Training at a high intensity is incredibly demanding on the body, increasing the potential for strain and injuries. In response to this, many athletes use homeopathy to maintain their highest level of fitness because it can be used at once—on the playing field or at the gym, with immediate positive results.

It’s important to choose the right remedy based on your specific symptoms to speed up recovery, reduce inflammation, or help heal bruising and sprained muscles. The correct remedy will get you on your feet and back to training sooner, so read on to understand the best homeopathic remedies for athletes.

How it Works

Homeopathy is a pharmaceutical science which uses nanoparticles of substances extracted from minerals, plants, or animals. It is a natural treatment without any side effects on your performance and it does not interfere with other medical treatments.

It has existed for hundreds of years to treat a wide range of conditions, and is prescribed to treat the cause, not just the symptoms of illness and injuries. In sports, it is used to prevent or cure ailments such as muscular pain, aching joints and exertion, and to stimulates the body’s natural defenses and speed up recovery time.

It is an effective alternative to traditional and sometimes harmful medicines, and is approved by the International Olympic Committee. There is no risk of doping as it uses such small amounts they do not appear on drug tests. Before using, you should consult a homeopath, but generally, take one dose every hour after injury or training until the problem subsides.

Arnica Montana

This flower grows on cool mountaintops and has been used for centuries to stimulate healing. Arnica pills should be your first line of defense in prevention and treatment of pain and soreness. Arnica has many applications which include bruising, pain relief, healing, joint soreness and stiffness, sore or painful muscles, and swelling. It should be in all first aid kits, as it is very effective if taken right after injury occurs or even in anticipation of strenuous activity.

Ruta Graveolens

Also called Ruta Grav or Rue it is made from the ruta graveolens plant, nicknamed the herb of grace. It is used to treat strained or sprains ligaments, joint, tendon or cartilage injuries, and releases stiffness in the joints. It works best with heat applications to prevent stiffness.


Made from the plant of the same name which bears very fragrant flowers. You may use it to calm your nerves before a performance. It is effective in treating anxiety, insomnia, nausea and headaches.

Bellis Perennis

This is a plant in the daisy family. It has many applications, and is recommended for injuries to soft tissue, deep muscle injuries (such as after surgery), sprains and bruises, and to overcome exertion after a workout.

Hypercium Perforatum                   

This plant, St John’s wort is used to treat several injuries, but most notably for damaged nerves crushed due to an injury, including spinal injuries and the extremities like the arms, legs, fingers and toes.

Symphytum Officinale

If you find yourself in a cast or a sling, you should use this plant, also named boneset and healing herb. It is used to treat bone damage or fractures, and tennis elbow.

Ledum Palustre

This plant, also called marsh tea, is to be used for wounds and injuries that are very painful to the touch and ameliorate with cold. It treats painful soles of the feet, sprained or swollen ankles, black eyes and puncture wounds.


From the gourd family, to alleviate swollen and stiff joints. Particularly good for joints frozen stiff, especially when only slight movement causes pain. Can also be prescribed when feeling lethargic, tired, or extremely thirsty.

Rhus Toxicodendron

Derived from poison ivy, this remedy has a vast number of applications. It is used to treat sprains, joint pain or dislocation, tendonitis, heel pain, sciatica, and chronic pain from trauma.

Along with a healthy diet and plenty of restful sleep and daily meditation, homeopathies can be essential in staying healthy and recovering from injuries and exertion. 

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