The benefits of Microneedling



If you have encountered skin problems in your life, then you have probably tried looking for remedies to treat your conditions. You could have skin problems such as acne scars, pockmarks, and other skin conditions that make your skin texture appear rough, and/or your skin looks unhealthy. You can seek treatments for your skin, and try various ways to help with your ailment. One of the treatment procedures for unhealthy skin includes microneedling. It involves the deliberate micro puncturing of your skin with microneedles to induce trauma. The trauma-induced helps to activate the skin cells to regenerate and cause healing. The healing process also heals the unhealthy skin condition. If you need microneedling in Meridian, you can visit our website and enquire about our services. Some of the many benefits of microneedling include the following.

Improved Skin Texture

When you go for the procedure, it lasts for an hour and entails the use of tiny needles to prick your skin. The punctured skin produces small bleeds that may appear as redness on your face. This redness will remain for approximately one and a half days before the redness goes away. You will immediately notice that the texture of your skin has improved. The pricking of the skin with the tiny needles allows them to activate the skin’s healing process. The healing process involves the activation of collagen that helps to keep the skin elastic. You will also experience revascularization of the skin that boosts blood flow to your skin to make it look vibrant.

Reduced Scarring

Your skin may suffer from a condition such as acne, and your body naturally reacts by healing itself. The healing process involves the production of substances that pull the skin together over the affected area to result in healing. The pulling of the skin together may occur actively, causing the top layer of skin to move lower and result in pockmarks. Microneedling helps to combat the process of fibrosis, which is the formation of scars, reverting the skin itself by breaking the tougher skin that was “glued” together from scarring. You will notice visible changes on the skin after a few visits, and the texture of your skin may become smooth again.

Treating Black Heads

Some people find themselves with skin that has blackheads that won’t go away. The use of microneedles helps to remove the small blackheads and is noticeable immediately after the surgery. After a few days, you will notice that the pore size left by the blackheads will also reduce due to collagen formation and revascularization of the skin. Your skin looks younger, and the blackheads are reduced. However, the changes do not remain permanent as the blackheads may return after a month, and you may need to go for another procedure.

Removed Dead Skin

Microneedling punctures the skin’s surface and removes the layer of dead skin that causes your skin to look less radiant. When you undergo the procedure and wash your face, the dead skin falls off and exposes the younger-looking, fresh skin underneath. This coupled with the collagen production stimulation and revascularization results in your skin looking young and bright. It also helps to remove wrinkles and lines in your skin through the stimulation of collagen production. The skin interprets the punctures on your skin as a significant injury and works to repair the damage. The repair and healing process rejuvenates the skin, making you look younger.


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