6 Steps to Ward off Heart Disease

By now, it’s hard to imagine anyone arguing against the importance of heart health. But what seems a little fuzzier is how one achieves a healthy heart. While engaging in aspirin therapy or popping statins Read More

Veg Out

Ask a roomful of vegetarians why they decided to make the meat-free leap, and you’ll likely get a roomful of answers. Some might love animals. Some might have ecological reasons. Some might have eschewed their Read More

What Are the Benefits of a Raw Foods Diet?

It seems like everywhere you turn, the term “raw” appears on popular food labels. Natural food stores are stocking their shelves with commercial raw vegan products from “raw protein bars” to “raw almond butter,” “raw Read More

Health by Chocolate

If you think steamed spinach is the most mouthwatering health food, you may want to reconsider. A candy bar’s worth of dark chocolate, or 100 grams, has just as many antioxidants as 100 grams each Read More

Nutrition Survival Tips for College Students

When you get to college and you’re trying to eat well, there are many temptations and challenges—fast food and late-night pizza, navigating the dining halls, limited transportation to grocery stores. For most college students, this Read More

In Season: Blueberries

July is National Blueberry Month, so what better time to focus on a berry with one of the highest—if not the highest—antioxidant capacities among all fruit? Native to North America, the blueberry’s antioxidant properties support Read More

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