Sustainable Coffee for the Outdoors

6 Pack Pouch 480x480

Hikers Brew focuses on creating sustainable coffee that you can be proud to take on your next outdoor adventure. Our mission is to promote sustainability within the outdoor and food packaging industries. To support this mission, we offer a small multi-use and compostable package that keeps coffee fresh. This allows avid adventure seekers to take it with them anywhere they go. 

Available in six flavors{

  • MILE MARKER (Medium Roast)
  • YURT DIRT (Dark Roast)
  • HAZY HIKER (Hazelnut Flavored)
  • SOME MORES (S’mores Flavored)
  • RED ROCKS (Caramel Flavored )
  • VAN LIFE (Vanilla Flavored)

Coffee is the tool we use to succeed in our mission for a sustainable future. Whether we are mid-hike in the mountains, walking the beach, or van life’ ing it up, a cup of coffee is in the process of being brewed. We know this is the same for many outdoor enthusiasts, so let’s share a tradition of brewing fresh coffee outdoors.

If you’re interested in trying the coffee, the sampler is right for you! In the box, you will receive six, 1.5 oz. Venture Pouches of coffee; one pouch of each available flavor! Or choose the 12-Pack option and double it for an even better deal! I see an adventure in your future.

Visit the website to order:

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