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How Supplementation can Improve Your Quality of Life


Have you ever considered how your nutrition affects your general health and well-being? What does your diet look like? Are you eating well? Receiving your daily requirement of calories, vitamins and minerals are essential for optimal metabolic function and clear thought processes.

If you do not feed your body the fuel it needs to function, then you can expect reduced metabolic and immune function to occur. As you body dives further into malnutrition, you will expose yourself to disease and health disorders. If maintaining your health is important to you, then you need a balanced diet that is rich in nutrients and quality calories.

Alongside a solid diet, you should consider a supplement regimen to support your active lifestyle. Supplements are shrouded in much mystery and misinformation, demonized for their role in our lives. However, supplements do offer real value when incorporated into a solid diet plan. Here is everything you need to know about this often misunderstood concept in nutritional science.


What are Supplements & Why do we Need Them?

Today’s food has lost a lot of its nutritional value. Factory farming methods, along with the copious use of pesticides have changed our diets and our bodies. This fact, along with elevated environmental toxins from modern living means that we do not receive all of the vital nutrients and minerals our bodies need, through just our diet alone.

Supplements have been developed to supplement a balanced diet with the essential minerals and nutrients that we need to function effectively and efficiently. There is a supplement for any sort of deficiency you may have.

Supplements have been developed to improve both exercise performance and biological well-being. Exercise supplements can improve your performance in the gym and enhance your recovery. Cognitive enhancers can help you think clearly and improve your memory. General supplements such as evening primrose oil can stabilize your mood. There truly is a supplement for anything you want to enhance or support.


Selecting the Best Supplement Brand

All supplement companies are not created equal. There are a number of fly-by-night companies that make inferior products you should avoid at all costs. Rather pick a reputable company with a solid reputation in the supplement market. Scitec-nutrition isa leading brand with an established presence in the supplement market that people trust.

Scitec-nutrition manufacture a range of supplements geared to improve exercise performance and recovery, while boosting levels of general health and improving your quality of life. Meal replacement powders and protein bars are a great option for a healthy snack between meals. BCAA powders will keep your mood and blood sugar levels regulated, while other herbal compounds can support your liver and other vital organs.

Supplements are the nutritional edge you need for improved living. Support your diet and enhance your lifestyle with better levels of mood, general health, and cognitive function through supplementation.


The Best Supplements to Improve Your Quality of Life

Different supplements have different effects. The best place to start with supplementation is to use a bio-available multi-vitamin. A solid multi will help you get the most out of your food by ensuring that your metabolic function is running at optimal levels. Assimilation is important and a multi will help you absorb more nutrients from your food.

Protein supplements and meal replacements are another popular choice for people that exercise regularly or tend to miss meals due to a busy lifestyle. MRP’s, BCAA supplements and protein powders are all perfect for people that cannot eat a solid meal due to food access or time constraints.

Moos enhancers such as evening primrose oil will stabilize your mood while EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids) will rejuvenate your vital organs and improve your thought processes. Think about areas in your nutrition plan that need improvement and use supplements to fortify those areas.


How to Use Supplements Effectively – The Timing

Timing your supplement intake is as important as using it in the first place. Simply throwing back a handful of tablets, or having a protein shake when you feel like it is haphazard nutrition. Your approach to your supplementation should be strategic in order to achieve the best results possible.

Take your multivitamin after your meal to avoid stomach discomfort and allow the minerals and vitamins to be absorbed alongside your meal. Make sure your take your vitamin C supplement at least 12 hours apart to avoid any counter-reactions that may occur from taking the two together.

Use oils early in the morning, a few fish oil; caps with your breakfast will give your body a boost of vital EFA’s and antioxidants that help promote better cognitive function through the day. Protein powders and BCAA’s can be used pre, post and during workouts to reduce fatigue and improve workout performance.


Improve Sports & Lifestyle Performance with Supplements

Supplementation has its benefits for those with a serious outlook on their nutrition and health. If you want to get the most out of your body and mind, then your need an edge that will give you a performance advantage both inside and outside of the gym.

In the gym, you can expect better levels of energy, strength, and endurance. Outside of the gym, you can expect improved cognitive awareness and function while experiencing better levels of energy throughout the day.

With so many advantages to using a supplement protocol, don’t you think you could benefit from including them into your nutrition plan?


The Final Thought

Supplements are in no way meant to replace a solid, nutritious diet. However, they do offer incredible value to anyone that needs a nutritional edge. Pick one or two supplements that you think will give you an edge to your performance and health, then journal your experience with them over a four week period.

After your trial period is up, reflect on your notes to see what effects and advantages you noticed. It’s all about finding what works for you, adjust your usage and dosage as you go along and track your progress.


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