Suns & clouds pimple patches


Wake up feeling confident—and ready to slay the day!

Nothing is more demoralizing than waking up to a glaring red blemish on your face. Unfortunately, zits happen to just about everyone. In fact, acne affects more than 50 million Americans, according to the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AADA).  Looking for a solution? Pimple patches are small stickers that are made with a soothing gel called hydrocolloid

Non-drying and gentle enough to sleep in, these cute hydrocolloid pimple patches create a protective shield to help minimize the look of spots.

  • Heals & Protects
  • Oil-Absorbing
  • Hydrocolloid

Visibly absorbs impurities, Protects, results in 6-10 hours.

HOW TO USE: Apply to clean, dry clean. Make sure the patch covers the spot completely, Leave on overnight then remove the patch and discard.

WAKE UP FEELING CONFIDENT: Helps shrink the look of whiteheads & on-the-surface pimples.

FORMULA: Hydrocolloid formula visibly absorbs impurities—so you know it’s working!

Available on Amazon,  and Walmart or Target. Visit to learn more. 

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