Summer Ant Problems

Finding ants in your home, however frustrating it may be, is a sure sign of summer. Ant traps or sprays may eliminate them temporarily, but the key to getting rid of ants for good lies in finding the source of the entry.
Ant Prevention Checklist
>> Seal and caulk openings and cracks in your home’s basement, floors, walls, pipes, drains, sumps, and ducts.
>> Repair screens on windows and doors.
>> Store garbage (especially food waste) in clean containers with tight fitting lids.
>> Keep counters and cupboards clean.
>> Clean up spills immediately with soap and water, or vinegar and water.
>> Clear out the clutter! Piles of textiles or papers are an inviting habitat for other insects (including ants) and rodents.
The only sure way to eliminate ants in your home is to find the source of their entry. To do so, leave a dollop of syrup on a piece of cardboard overnight in the general area you’ve noticed the ants. In the morning, there should be a clear line of marching ants to and from the syrup. This should help you find where the ants are coming in.

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