Stepping Out in Style


A cocktail party is not just a turn-up but is more like a social event. There is a wide array of options when it comes to putting together the seamless cocktail party look since a cocktail party is much more than just that gorgeous little black dresses. Sure, this classic look always works perfectly for cocktail dress codes, but other colors and styles work just as well. Want to stand out from the crowd? Here are some JJ’s House styling strategies that will help you step out in style.

Look Out For Details

For any given event, be sure to keep the theme and time in mind. Now you wouldn’t want to look like a gatecrasher, would you? Also, an event happening at a fancy hotel will require a dressier outfit than something held at a restaurant or even someone’s home. Take note of the hours, too-evening.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Whatever you decide to wear, make sure it’s comfortable enough. Feeling uneasy because of the lousy selection of clothes you chose to wear is the last thing you’ll want. The ideal cocktail dress code is knee length party dresses which should hit no higher than 2 inches above the knees. Cocktail dress styles vary and are inclusive of strapless, cap-sleeved dresses or sleeveless.

Step Out In Style

Remember those shoes you bought six months ago because they were a must have even though you had nowhere to wear them? This is the perfect chance to show them off. In fact, if you have a pair in mind, why not try pairing them with an outfit that may be a perfect match?

Keep It Simple

Don’t overdress or be over the top. If you don’t feel like putting on a cocktail dress, a jean with cute heels will do, just as long as you’re comfortable. You can go with a minimalist slip dress which is an elegant choice that won’t risk being overly fancy. Try adorning with jewelry and statement accessories for more glamour- you can always remove and keep them in your purse should there be need.

A Clutch Is A Must

Don’t weigh yourself with a large leather satchel. Instead, invest in a go-to statement clutch for your evening out. Clutches are the perfect accessory to add that shine to your look and a great size to keep your makeup just in case you need to spruce up.


Of course, don’t forget the makeup part when attending a cocktail party. Ensure that your look spells out glamorous. On that note, do not saturate your face with too much makeup. Keep it simple with some blushed cheeks, a great lip stain to cover your bases and luscious lashes.

Accessories Can Give You a Whole New Look

If you’re unable to splash out an entirely new look, just dress up an old favorite dress with accessories that tickle your fancy. If the cocktail party is in the fall, why not add a fancy shawl to spruce up your gorgeous dress?

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